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Are call centre spreadsheets giving team leaders a headache?

The team leader has without doubt one of the most stressful roles in any call centre.

Acting as the link between senior management and agents, team leaders are ultimately responsible for managing a large number of individuals: delegating tasks, negotiating workloads, evaluating performances and reporting to their bosses.

All this against the backdrop of an industry where turnover rates are notoriously high, and compounded by fact that as research from Deloitte testifies - the more agents you employ, the higher the turnover.

As a result, a good team leader can make an enormous difference, both to the culture of your frontline operations and ultimately to your financial bottom line.

What makes a good team leader?

Managing people is a difficult job at the best of times; in the fast, frenetic world of the call centre it takes on a whole new perspective.

Team leaders require strong leadership qualities and must be constantly alert in order to oversee the performance of every single member of their team.

The list of their responsibilities is long and challenging: allocating tasks, monitoring agents, reporting to management, organising holidays & training, resolving problems and assessing performances.

Giving team leaders the insights to do their job properly.

With this in mind, the demand for a fast, efficient way of evaluating agents has resulted in the rise of performance data. But the question remains, are we giving team leaders too much information?

Delivering a vast spreadsheet packed full of perplexing data, can actually act as a hindrance. Team leaders need to be able to focus on what really matters at a single glance, using relevant data presented in an insightful and engaging way. Only then can they drive effective coaching conversations that actually motivate agents and improve overall performance

How we turned an eyesore into a sight for sore eyes.

Team leaders must be given intelligent tools that display performance data in a way that reveals insights - quickly and easily.

Which is why EvaluAgent is committed to creating engaging and intuitive software that presents the findings in a clear and eye-pleasing format.

Our dashboards have been designed to take data and give team leaders the relevant facts and figures, in a way that can be quickly and easily understood.

Team leaders now have at their fingertips a clear and concise overview of the most important performance-related characteristics of each and every agent under their control.

All the insights, fewer headaches.