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Introducing One-to-Ones & Actions from EvaluAgent

By Jaime Scott | 29 Jul 2021
We're super excited to formally announce the release of One-to-Ones and Actions. The latest innovation in our Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement platform and the next natural step for Contact Centres looking to have more impactful...
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User Management: The elephant in the room

By Jaime Scott | 22 Sep 2020
SaaS vendors unite! “No one gets sacked for buying…..” There was a time, not so long ago when contact centres bought all their contact centre management and workforce optimization software from one of the big boys. NICE, Verint, Avaya, CISCO,...
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How the best Quality, Compliance and Operational Leaders work together to improve service and sales performance

By Jaime Scott | 11 Jun 2020
Quality Assurance and Compliance have a bad rep, because, when it’s not working… Agents can feel unfairly treated – “why do you always choose to mark my really bad calls?” QA Teams can feel unfairly criticised – “Careful, here come the Gestapo!”
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The power of a clear, concise and captivating MI report

By Jaime Scott | 28 May 2020
Whether I’m trying to get to Barnard Castle, or understand how to get better at my job, I need some guidance to understand the roads / steps I need to take to get to my end point – my goal. These days, I use my iPhone for travelling because I...
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Never underestimate the power of constructive feedback!

By Jaime Scott | 19 May 2020
We all love doing it – telling our friends and family about the shop assistant who went the extra mile, the nurse who showed extra care or the colleague who promised that job would be done by 4pm, but then didn’t follow through… Grrr! But how...
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Securing the right customer service software in challenging times

By Jaime Scott | 30 Apr 2020
This article originally appeared on Business Matters.
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