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How to create a great Quality Scorecard in your contact centre

By Jaime Scott | 7 Aug 2018 | | 6 Minute Read
In this blog, we're going to lean on our 20+ years in the Call Centre Industry to provide you with our top tips for creating a great Quality Scorecard. We'll cover the line items your Scorecard should include and how you can use our free Quality Monitoring Software to drive performance improvement.
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Is the contact centre sector heading toward another costly mistake?

By Jaime Scott | 12 Jun 2017 | | 11 Minute Read
Automation has its limits. We need to learn how to collaborate with technology in ways that augment human skills to create higher-value, more fulfilling roles.
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Introducing the groundbreaking EvaluAgent WEM platform: the vision is now a reality.

By Jaime Scott | 2 Mar 2017 | | 10 Minute Read
The EvaluAgent WEM platform is the culmination of years of R&D, in order to give your people the tools they need to deliver a first-class CX.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how effective are your surveys?

By Jaime Scott | 10 Dec 2016 | | 7 Minute Read
Failing to deliver surveys that engage with customers and value their input, they simply miss the whole point.
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To debate or not to debate, that is the question.

By Jaime Scott | 18 Nov 2016 | | 3 Minute Read
At EvaluAgent we believe that the way forward is to nurture a fully engaged, highly motivated and extremely qualified contact centre workforce.
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To be professional, or not to be professional? That is the question.

By Jaime Scott | 4 Nov 2016 | | 6 Minute Read
There is a growing need for a new generation of call centre staffed by agents who are equipped to deal with the most challenging of customer enquiries.
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