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Top tips for introducing agent self-scoring to your team

By Jaime Scott | 24 Sep 2019
Self-scoring, self evaluations, self reflection, whatever you call it, it's the process where your front-line employees mark their own work, listen back to their own calls and evaluate their own performance against the same guidelines used by the...
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How to create a great Quality Scorecard in your contact centre

By Jaime Scott | 7 Aug 2018
We all know that delivering an effective Quality Assurance program has the potential to completely transform agent performance, and the level of service delivered to every customer - but it’s often difficult to get buy-in from stakeholders who...
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Zen and the art of dealing with difficult people.

By Jaime Scott | 6 Oct 2016
Someone has a go at you, or says something that upsets you, and the resultant feelings of upset and anger just won’t go away. In fact, you end up carrying this negativity around with you, ready to unleash it upon the next unfortunate soul who...
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The rise of the call centre super-agent.

By Jaime Scott | 4 Sep 2016
When it comes to digital transformation, the call centre has already come a long way. As we enter an age where customers want and expect fast resolutions to their queries, call centres have taken steps to implement and maximise the effectiveness of...
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What style of call centre manager are you?

By Jaime Scott | 29 Aug 2016
It’s not the easiest job in the world. As a team of customer service experts who have experienced the best and the worst of being a call centre manager, we know it can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle. Managing large teams of colourful...
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Demotivated Millennials are killing call centre productivity!

By Jaime Scott | 15 Aug 2016
Over the years, the call centre has faced a huge number of challenges. We’ve accomplished a great deal, whether it’s keeping tabs on constantly-changing customer needs, or evolving the business to handle multichannel interactions. The versatility...
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