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What does the call centre of the near-future look like?

By Jaime Scott | 21 Aug 2016
The age of the customer has arrived, and the ever-growing needs of consumers are shaping almost every business in the UK, including the call centre. Simply put, the people who interact with your call centre expect consistent and high-quality...
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Demotivated Millennials are killing call centre productivity!

By Jaime Scott | 15 Aug 2016
Over the years, the call centre has faced a huge number of challenges. We’ve accomplished a great deal, whether it’s keeping tabs on constantly-changing customer needs, or evolving the business to handle multichannel interactions. The versatility...
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Do call centre management and agents speak the same language?

By Jaime Scott | 7 Aug 2016
No matter what size your organisation is, communication is the key to successful call centre management.
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Are call centre spreadsheets giving team leaders a headache?

By Jaime Scott | 30 Jul 2016
The team leader has without doubt one of the most stressful roles in any call centre.
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Are call centre surveys most effective when agent offered or automated?

By Jaime Scott | 28 Jul 2016
Coke or Pepsi, Star Wars or Star Trek, agent offered or automated? It’s often a hotly debated topic among call centre management as well as customer insight and survey experts but whether call centre surveys are offered by the agent or automated is...
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What story do call centre metrics tell about your business?

By Jaime Scott | 25 Jul 2016
The very first call centre in the UK was established over 50 years ago. Regarded as state-of-the-art technology in its day, this Private Automated Business Exchange (PABX) was only capable of handling a relatively modest number of customers -...
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