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Lord Heseltine and EvaluAgent: sharing the same vision for the Tees Valley.

By Jaime Scott | 17 Jul 2016
The historic vote to leave the EU has already led to major reverberations across the UK and beyond.
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Agent unhappiness costs Call Centres £2.3bn a year

By Jaime Scott | 15 Jul 2016
Almost everyone has had a poor or experience with a call centre at some point. Many of the UK's biggest brands struggle with providing a great and consistent standard of customer service, which isn’t surprising when we remind ourselves that call...
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5 proven ways to reduce call centre employee turnover.

By Jaime Scott | 11 Jul 2016
Anyone who has been kept on hold by a call centre will understand the frustration felt by customers seeking a solution to their problem; while having to listen to an automated voice repeatedly telling them that their call is important.
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Does your call centre performance data leave your agents dazed and confused?

By Jaime Scott | 3 Jul 2016
Identifying relevant KPIs, measuring them accurately and then acting on the data is now crucial to the success of hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world.
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Call centre culture: do you walk the walk or simply talk the talk?

By Jaime Scott | 26 Jun 2016
Only the brave (or foolish) would argue against the notion that behind every great company is a great corporate culture. These forward-thinking organisations reap many rewards including: recruiting and retaining the very best employees, motivating...
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How much are disengaged call centre staff costing you?

By Jaime Scott | 12 Jun 2016
As the human interactions between businesses and customers become more nuanced and important, call centre staff are becoming one of the fundamental differences between a great and a terrible customer experience.
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