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The worst six words in the call centre: “we’ve always done it this way.”

By Jaime Scott | 6 Jun 2016
How many times have you heard the phrase "We’ve always done it this way?" I’m guessing it might be quite a few. It’s not uncommon for organisations and the people within them to be weary of change, but it’s absolutely essential for call centre...
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How agent empowerment made Orange the most successful mobile brand of all time.

By Jaime Scott | 30 May 2016
When we talk about the engagement and empowerment of employees, a new-wave of management practices spring to mind. Sometimes we’re compelled to envision open-plan offices in East London, staffed by millennials in jeans, playing ping-pong whilst...
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The Telstra CEO has got it wrong about the future of customer experience.

By Jaime Scott | 22 May 2016
Almost every consumer sector is currently facing the same challenge - standing out from the crowd has become incredibly difficult. Traditional elements of differentiation like service, price points and product have started to disappear.
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Why are big brands like EE failing their customers?

By Jaime Scott | 2 May 2016
It’s a story we tend to hear time and time again, big telecoms firms are letting down their customers with the level of service they provide. This time, giant mobile operators Vodafone and EE are failing on the basics of customer service, according...
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What makes a customer destroy a call centre with a hammer?

By Jaime Scott | 15 Apr 2016
Everyone at some point in their lives has been subject to a terrible customer experience. Negative interactions between brands and customers come in all shapes and sizes, and can often result in nasty words exchanged over the phone, letters of...
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EvaluAgent wins prestigious Northern Tech award.

By Jaime Scott | 24 Mar 2016
It’s an exciting time for EvaluAgent as we continue to grow, develop and succeed - and as we are continue to be recognised by others for the value we bring to the call centre industry. Last night, EvaluAgent was invited to join the brightest and...
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