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EvaluAgent team up with Call Centre Helper to deliver webinar masterclass

By Michelle Dinsmore | 17 Jan 2019 | | 1 Minute Read
Quality Scorecards are used in a lot of contact centres, but they often fail to emulate best practice, ending up as a box-ticking exercise that does little to drive performance improvement and L&D. To help address this common challenge, we’re sponsoring a webinar you really don’t want to miss.
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What is Workforce Engagement Management?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 30 Mar 2017 | | 9 Minute Read
To help you navigate the ins and outs of the hottest topic in call centres, we have compiled, Workforce Engagement Management; The 2017 beginner's guide.
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Targets are good to know, advice on how to achieve them is priceless!

By Michelle Dinsmore | 23 Nov 2016 | | 7 Minute Read
The obsession with call centre monitoring software has led to a lot of numbers weighing down on the workforce and a dramatic drop in agent motivation.
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What happens to a brand without customer service empowerment?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 15 May 2016 | | 6 Minute Read
Agents who are warm, empathetic and autonomous can work wonders for any brand, but what does a lack of customer service empowerment lead to?
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What exactly is call centre agent empowerment?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 8 May 2016 | | 5 Minute Read
Call centre agent empowerment can transform the customer experience, but what exactly does it mean and what are it's implications?
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What’s the real cost of agent turnover?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 28 Mar 2016 | | 3 Minute Read
With up 26% of call centre frontline staff being replaced, what is the real cost of call centre turnover?
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