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What can Silicon Valley trends teach the call centre industry?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 1 Feb 2016
Being happy at work is definitely one of the most important things about any job. However, promoting happiness doesn’t just put a smile on the face of the agents that work in your call centre, but is a trend proven to have financial benefits for the...
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For a few dollars more - does money motivate agents?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 26 Oct 2015
Corporate and office environments have been going through many changes over the last decade or so - as employee expectations continue to rise, talented individuals begin to set their sights on bigger and better opportunities at every turn. The...
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How much does call centre gamification really cost?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 11 Oct 2015
Gamification - industry buzz word or industry disruptor? As a relatively new technology and management technique, many in the call centre industry are debating the value, cost, and effectiveness of gamification solutions specifically designed for...
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What exactly could we learn if every agent spoke honestly?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 6 Sep 2015
An interesting video highlighting the call centre industry has recently come from BuzzFeed - simply entitled ‘If Call Center Employees Were Honest’. It really pays testament to one of the golden rules of comedy - it’s funny because it’s true.
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Five essential tips for empowering your agents to take ownership.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 23 Aug 2015
It’s not uncommon for some agents in the call centre to feel like they sometimes might lack the skills or the know-how to do their job to a high standard. Recent research conducted by EvaluAgent across the UK’s leading contact centres found that...
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Want to reduce AHT? Tell your agents to ignore it!

By Michelle Dinsmore | 16 Aug 2015
Like any other successful business, contact centres consider efficiency a top priority, and therefore it must be measured.
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