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All inclusive: why involving your agents can transform the call centre.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 29 Jul 2015
The public perception of call centres has traditionally been that they are the the ‘dark satanic mills’ of today’s Britain. There has recently been some discussion around whether this is still the case or whether, perhaps the evolution of customer...
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From Land’s End to John o' Groats: managing the diversity of customer expectations.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 18 Jul 2015
Even though it’s a relatively small island, the UK is home to a vast range of people - whether it’s regional, cultural or generational, the implications these subtle differences have on customer service expectations can often be a little hard to...
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How to avoid being an intimidating team leader.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 4 Jul 2015
As a team leader, it’s your job to make sure everybody is toeing the line and delivering results - but it’s also crucial to make your teams feel supported and valued whilst they’re at work. After all, a strong relationship with your team is key to...
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The Essential Team Leader Playbook.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 21 Jun 2015
Team Leaders, hard-working, high-performing and natural go-getters - what would the contact centre do without them? But serving as the essential link between the agents and management means it’s not rare for Team Leaders to become a little...
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The UK fake review epidemic: how can businesses rebuild consumer trust?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 17 Jun 2015
It was recently reported by the Competition and Markets Authority that businesses are ambushing rivals and promoting their own brand using fake reviews - many of which are paid for.
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Why hiring based on personality is detrimental to the customer experience.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 13 Jun 2015
Personality is important when hiring the right person for any job, but to what degree should it determine how you construct a hiring policy?
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