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Who really owns the customer experience and why you should care.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 9 Feb 2015
I recently spotted some new research from Salesforce, which might be welcome news for marketers but should send a shiver down the spine of anyone involved in running a contact centre.
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Is 2016 the year you finally leave the contact centre?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 14 Dec 2014
Lots of people say, ‘a job is a job’ - we don’t agree. We think the biggest difference between successful employers in the contact centre industry, and those who fail, is how easy or difficult they make the job at hand.
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Plumbing the depths: why contact centre morale must improve.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 12 Dec 2014
I recently came across an article by Charlie Mullins - founder of Pimlico Plumbers and one of the UK’s most outspoken and controversial businessmen - bemoaning the fact that Brits are 30 per cent less productive per person than the average German or...
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Can you afford not to change your contact centre culture?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 20 Nov 2014
Do you ever feel like you’re constantly fire-fighting? Your team is de-motivated and morale is low, leading to poor customer service and disappointing agent performance. Do you ever feel like you’re in a never-ending cycle that you cannot break? All...
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Are you just paying lip service to agent empowerment?

By Michelle Dinsmore | 29 Jul 2014
Call centre agent empowerment is a good thing right? It’s certainly talked about a lot in our industry and there are numerous agent coaching consultants, training companies and even technology providers offering to empower your agents. But sometimes...
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How to empower agents without unleashing contact centre anarchy.

By Michelle Dinsmore | 29 Jul 2014
One in three of today’s contact centre workers have a degree, which means they have been trained to think and to take responsibility for their own learning. Yet contact centre processes are designed to do the exact opposite. You don’t need to pay a...
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