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6 Common Challenges with Calibration and how to overcome them.

By Reg Dutton | 11 Jan 2019 | | 31 Minute Read
This week, subject matter expert and all-around Calibration guru, Reg Dutton is going to look at Calibration. Originally named, 'The Six Common Challenges with Calibration and how to overcome them' - please enjoy the recording.
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Changing your Quality Assurance Process – A “How-to” Guide

By Reg Dutton | 4 Apr 2018 | | 6 Minute Read
[Best Practice Guide] Learn top tips from Contact Centre Pros on how you can effectively transform your existing Quality Assurance Process to improve agent engagement and performance. In this blog post, Reg Dutton will describe a number of tops tips, and a link to our Ultimate Guide to QA.
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The Ultimate Guide To Call Centre Quality Assurance

By Reg Dutton | 30 Sep 2017 | | 24 Minute Read
This guide has been created to ensure your call centre quality assurance process is following best practice, and will equip you with everything you need by covering all six areas of Quality Assurance; essential metrics, evaluation forms, trends, best practice, reports and a number of quick wins!
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Why nuisance calls are an even bigger nuisance for the call centre industry.

By Reg Dutton | 31 Oct 2016 | | 5 Minute Read
Nuisance cold calls are a problem. So when a company calls with a genuine reason, how do call centre agents overcome that their call is unwanted?
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Is brand personality lost across digital contact centre channels?

By Reg Dutton | 3 Apr 2016 | | 6 Minute Read
Demonstrating brand personality across digital channels is challenging. What can your multichannel contact centre do to guarantee a great customer experience?
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Kickstart call centre engagement with three simple steps.

By Reg Dutton | 14 Mar 2016 | | 4 Minute Read
Are you struggling with call centre engagement? Find out how to empower and motivate your teams with three easy steps.
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