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Bespoke software development and the cloud.

We’ve all spent many years speaking about the potential of the cloud, and many businesses are now realising the benefits it can bring, but where do we go from here? What are the trends we’ll be speaking about in five years time? I shared my thoughts on this in an article published last week in The Times.

While the financial benefits are one of the biggest forces behind cloud adoption, organisations should not overlook bespoke application development, which is possibly the most compelling reason to move to the cloud, in my opinion. And it seems I’m not alone; in the same article researchers at Gartnerestimated that, within three years, 25 per cent of large enterprises will have their own app stores. This is a step change in the industry and the opportunities this opens up for businesses are huge.

My fellow contributor Adam Spearing, area vice-president of Salesforce.com, summed it up perfectly when he said, “A few years ago, app development was dominated by people who were typified by their extreme focus and deep expertise in code and systems. Frequently they had computer science training and tons of rigorous study time to become an expert. After all, building apps was complex. “Fast forward to 2014 and everything you know about app development has changed. The cloud makes it easier than ever to create great applications, regardless of your background. Anyone can take ideas and turn them into solutions faster than ever before.”

At EvaluAgent the cloud has added a new level of agility and has helped us to develop a software as a service platform that is constantly evolving based on user feedback. New features can be fully tested on the development system overnight for use the very next day.

Whilst the development process has been speeded up dramatically, for us the most important and game-changing outcome is that users now feedback their thoughts and ideas more openly and in greater volume – we’ve been able to benefit greatly from this functionality as our solutions rapidly evolve to incorporate truly intuitive, user friendly features.

But as I explained in the article many companies are not aware of the benefits that the cloud brings to app development and this is where the real work needs to take place. Educating businesses about the value of the cloud in a way that goes beyond the traditional arguments about cost savings and flexibility.

The benefits of cloud computing have helped us build a SaaS proposition that enables us to be nimble and fully responsive to the needs of our clients – in a sector where clients are used to on premise software vendors who charge a fortune for every change which can take weeks to deliver.

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