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Bored of boards: are whiteboard based games holding back the contact centre?

The whiteboard plays an important part in almost every call centre. They serve as the hub for managers and team leaders to construct team-focused motivational games to increase engagement, morale, and results.

Improving performance and happiness among agents is often at the top of many contact centre agendas, but any initiative of this nature requires two important resources that are rarely in abundance in the call centre - time and dedication.

Without these two important inputs, any whiteboard based initiative in the call centre is unlikely to succeed. On the other hand, when in abundance, coupled with significant amounts of creativity and imagination, whiteboard based games can serve as the perfect way for a lot of teams to drive engagement.

However, more often than not, time and dedication required from managers and team leaders are often being placed in other, more business-critical areas.

One of the biggest problems is that the manual processes required with regard to whiteboard based games and leaderboards mean that reward and recognition are also manual. This boils down to the responsibility of a few individuals who will periodically check performance across one or two metrics in order to develop a picture of where teams are at.

This often means that lots of more granular, specific and long-form information about performance can be easily lost or overlooked. For example, long-term progress from a particular agent could occur over the space of one or two months as they are coached - but if the whiteboard is simply and literally, wiped clean, every week or two, this valuable information is lost and the agent goes without recognition, which can have a detrimental impact.

So what are the alternatives to the traditional yet trusted whiteboard based processes? To truly engage and motivate staff, it’s essential to have a long-term engagement strategy that is sustainable, low-maintenance and inclusive of all. This is exactly where we’re seeing gamification for the call centre work its magic - many leading UK call centres are switching whiteboards out for simple software that applies game-mechanics to customer service.

Find out more about exactly how gamification designed specifically for call centres is beating out whiteboards at every turn.