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How will Generation Z change the call centre?

Most call centres are massively multi-generational workplaces, with millennials being the latest addition to the army of customer service professionals in the UK today. Last week, we published a blog on how to motivate the infamously difficult millennial agent - but as industry innovators we’re always looking at the latest in call centre change, and what the future holds for the industry.

So, move over millennials, Generation Z are about to invade workplaces, and call centres, all over the country. Born after 1995, these new cohorts are characterised by being unaware of a world without the Internet, and live a fast-paced life that differs in some very unique ways to previous generations.

In their daily lives, Gen Z-ers are used to getting everything, everywhere, and immediately. They can chat to their friends on one screen, write a blog post on another, all the while monitoring their heart-rate on the latest fitness tracker.

This familiarity with immediacy means Gen Z agents won’t be happy with waiting for annual performance reviews to discuss their feedback - they want near real-time progress updates. This means two things for call centres hiring this new generation of digital natives.

How will the call centre change?

Firstly, team leaders can no longer to afford to leave considerable amounts of time before guiding and encouraging their younger agents, they need consistent and constructive information in order to improve their performance.

Secondly, Gen Z-ers love to quantify everything in their lives. Whether it's how many calories they burn in a week, or how many points they can score in the latest online game, they want to see exactly how they’re performing. This means weekly or monthly reports with a few metrics will fail to provide Gen Z with the information they need in order to thrive and improve. Being able to drill down and identify opportunities for improvement with immediacy an autonomy is a huge must for these budding call centre pros.

Gen Z have also been the first generation to have had access to Facebook for their teenage and adult lives. This means they’re social animals, but in a very digital sense. They live in a state of ‘FOMO’ - fear of missing out - and are constantly appraising the actions of their peers in order to find opportunities to gain credit and social status.

As self-improvers and socially conscious workers, Gen Z are unique characters unlike anything we’ve seen before in the workplace. They’re more likely to work with a company that’s more fun, than one that pays them more.

Nothing encompasses these values more than call centre gamification. Agents can see exactly how colleagues are performing - whether they’ve achieved badges, reached new levels or won challenges, everything is transparent and visible. The ability to interact with other agents and ‘like’ updates creates a powerful culture of social recognition that reflects the daily lives and values of Gen Z.

Future-proof your call centre with the tools to meet the needs of the newest call centre professionals.