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How do you motivate the most disengaged call centre employees?

Disengagement is a real problem for the call centre industry, unfortunately one which shows no signs of suddenly disappearing overnight. Ever-growing expectations from today’s customers coupled with typically repetitive and low-paying work means ensuring agents are engaged enough to perform well and stay at the company is a significant challenge. As the industry becomes increasingly competitive, real call centre engagement will prove to be a key difference between success and failure.

Just like any other business, it’s important to ensure the call centre is lean, cost-effective and high performing, but not at the expense of those working for you. Call centre leaders that focus almost entirely around efficiency and optimisation are only exacerbating the growing engagement pandemic.

Is true call centre engagement impossible?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. With the right approach, call centre agent coaching, tools and support, even the most disengaged agents can be transformed into motivated and happy employees.

If we want our agents to be happy with their positions, work hard, and put the customer first, we first have to stop viewing them as resources to be optimised. After all, agents are individuals who need to be engaged with the work they do every day in order to do it well.

Increase call centre engagement, recognise your agents as individuals.

No one wants to feel like they’re a worker bee with no real identity at work. Agents who are recognised as individuals and encouraged to be themselves are much more likely to become engaged.

Disengaged agents who aren’t recognised have a tendency to detach themselves from the rest of their team, often resulting in a dip in morale.

Make an effort to find out a bit more about agents in your team - ask them how they’re doing or what they do with their spare time. Considering your agents in this way can improve your relationship, meaning they’re more likely to feel more included, motivated and engaged.

If you want to learn more about exactly how to transform disengagement in your call centre, download our latest guide.