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Contact centre incentives are for life, not just for Christmas.

Christmas is often described as the most wonderful time of year; and it’s hard to deny there’s a certain magic to it. Festivities and decorations are usually well underway by the start of December and everyone’s feeling the buzz.

Traditionally a time of giving, many contact centres use Christmas as a time of year to offer rewards to staff through incentive schemes and competitions. The excitement and atmosphere often leads to renewed levels of engagement, motivation and lots of fun.

Every successful contact centre knows that the key to success is through an engaged and empowered workforce, and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is through reward and recognition.

There’s no doubt that reward and recognition schemes are massively effective.

Why do we usually go all out with these kind of programmes at Christmas, then go back to doing very little for the rest of the year?

Not many contact centres have a solid annual reward and recognition plan already established. The usual approach is ad-hoc, with a heavy one-off emphasis - this might seem like a great idea to motivate and engage staff towards the end of the year, but when staff return after the celebrations to business-as-usual, this can actually have a very negative impact.

In order to achieve consistent engagement, contact centre leaders need to get savvy and think about the long term.

Achieving real behavioural change takes time, consistency and support. If you really want to align your staff with the values and culture of the business, increase performance and encourage teamwork, then you absolutely need reward and recognition year-round - not just for Christmas.

Although this might seem like constant and difficult work to maintain, driving performance using reward throughout the year is easier than you might think. A new generation of engagement tools like contact centre gamification automate game-mechanics to recognise and address your staff’s achievements across the entire organisation.

Long-term, diverse and considered reward programmes tend to provide stronger returns for the contact centre. It has always been true that your results will improve as engagement rises.

For tips and guidance on creating a consistent culture of reward and recognition and contact centre incentives, download our handbook to ‘The Most Overlooked Ways to Reward Contact Centre Staff’.

A structured reward programme can provide an immediate boost to morale as well as focusing staff on targets and activity for the year ahead. It can help to boost engagement in the face of January blues and develop a culture of engagement for the entire year.