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Why multichannel contact centres are not the future.

Customer Contact Expo is over for yet another year, and one theme that came across from experts and industry practitioners alike was that multichannel isn’t the future. Don’t worry; I’m not about to start campaigning for the return of the fax machine as the key communication channel.

Multichannel isn't the future, because it’s already here.

Customers are already using a multiplicity of channels to interact with brands. As a business you have a choice, support this multichannel, multi-device demand in your contact centre, or face the fall out of not adopting and adapting to new communication channels quickly and effectively.

Speaking to attendees at the show it’s clear that many organisations are convinced of the value of listening to their customers and meeting their multichannel demands, but many are struggling to do so in reality. We’ll be sharing some findings and best practice advice from our benchmark study shortly into how contact centres can best support their customers through the multichannel maze.

If you want a copy, fill in our survey, as well as giving you an instant score you can also choose to receive a free copy of our report.