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For a few dollars more - does money motivate agents?

Corporate and office environments have been going through many changes over the last decade or so - as employee expectations continue to rise, talented individuals begin to set their sights on bigger and better opportunities at every turn. The companies who want to benefit from this phenomenon offer everything they can to attract and retain the best talent to gain a competitive edge.

The contact centre industry however has been a laggard in this respect. Most people who secure a job at a contact centre quickly become accustomed to the notion that they’re just a number.

But this is beginning to change. Agent expectations are changing as the industry becomes more connected with the help of social media platforms - leading contact centres are offering more money, perks and benefits in order to ensure the industry’s talent come knocking at the door.

The question is, does a bigger pay packet at the end of every month really keep agents loyal?

Call centres often make the lethal error of enticing agents in with a nice salary, and then expect the world in return for simply offering an above average wage. The truth is that these shiny add-ons might make job offers attractive to most agents initially, but what makes people stay at a company is the culture.

In fact, agents are willing to work in positions for less money if they are supported, and believe in the value of what they are doing. This creates a culture of empowerment where agents can enjoy their day-to-day work, feel comfortable, and rate highly for job satisfaction.

Achieving this might seem easier said than done - to find out more about managing the expectations of a multigenerational call centre, check out our free guide here.