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The key elements to a happy call centre.

Over the past few decades, the call centre has developed a reputation as one of the most miserable places to work in the UK, filled with equally miserable staff. Is a happy call centre a possibility?

However, you may personally feel about the contact centre industry, it begs the question:

Are the agents in my contact centre really that downtrodden? If they are - what can I do to make them happier?

It’s not uncommon for agents to sometimes feel a little defeated at work - difficult customers, heavy workloads and unpredictable IT systems can make even the most resilient of us go bonkers. It’s not only the agents who have it hard - team leaders are under constant pressure to reduce costs and keep the contact centre efficient.

Efficiency is great - but not when it comes at the expense of employee morale.

Unhappy agents tend to create unhappy customers, and unhappiness leads to massive disengagement, apathy and a real lack of motivation to perform - not exactly the most efficient sounding work environment is it?

The opposite can be said for happy agents - they almost always create happy customers.

Many of us in the contact centre know that the reputation of the industry may be more fact than fiction as it stands, but we have the opportunity to change this. In order to make the contact centre home to great customer service, we need to develop a healthy balance between efficiency, cost and the happiness of our agents.

This doesn’t mean you have to give everyone a pay rise and provide gourmet lunches every day. The key to achieving happiness in the contact centre only comes from paying attention to the elements that make up the everyday experience of your agents.

Create a happy call centre environment.

If you want to learn how to create a happy call centre and transform the performance of your staff, download our new guide - ‘The Manager’s Handbook to Agent Happiness’ for a range of tips on call centre agent coaching. This guide will run through the ten key elements to happiness in the contact centre, and exactly what you do can do to perfect them.