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How much are disengaged call centre staff costing you?

As the human interactions between businesses and customers become more nuanced and important, call centre staff are becoming one of the fundamental differences between a great and a terrible customer experience.

This is a massive opportunity, but at the moment, it presents itself as an epidemic across the call centre industry. Most call centres struggle with agents who are switched off, unmotivated and show little concern for helping the business deliver a solid customer experience to its customers.

A disengaging environment.

It’s easy to understand why. Call centre work is typically disengaging. Workforce Optimisation solutions deal well with the complexity of newer digital channels in the call centre, but as a result they fail to recognise and support the needs of staff. Agents want to be engaged with their work, enabling them to leverage the human element behind customer interactions.

Agents with no motivation to improve performance, coupled with technology that is difficult to use means call centres are currently a losing a lot of productivity, talent, and ultimately money due to rife and widespread disengagement across their operations.

We believe in the simple notion that happy staff create happy customers.

Happy staff mean agents are more motivated empowered to do their best at work, stay longer at the company, and focus on helping your customers in any way they can.

In turn, this creates happy customers, with greater satisfaction scores, spending more with your business, and more loyal to the brand.

Calculating the Return on Engagement.

We’ve developed a Call Centre Return on Engagement Calculator, a simple tool that helps you find out exactly how much disengagement could be costing you.

Enter a few bits of information about your call centre, and we’ll reveal just how much you could save with an engaged workforce.

Calculate your Return on Engagement