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How much does call centre gamification really cost?

Gamification - industry buzz word or industry disruptor? As a relatively new technology and management technique, many in the call centre industry are debating the value, cost, and effectiveness of gamification solutions specifically designed for the contact centre.

It’s not uncommon for those in management positions to be sceptical about investing in new solutions to achieve business goals, as traditionally contact centres place most investment into core IT and telephony systems. However, today’s contact centres are moving towards the common goal of creating a culture of empowerment, engagement and success in order to improve the bottom line.

The only way to achieve this is through innovation.

The typical call centre culture can be vibrant and fast-paced, but at many times it can also be the main culprit in holding back the potential agents have. Call centres were originally setup to efficiently champion customer service, but as the industry put cost reduction at the front of its agenda - we quickly lost sight of the needs of agents, and in turn, the customer experience.

In an increasingly competitive industry, those who fail to transform this culture are left in the tracks of those who address these issues early on. So how does gamification seek to solve this critical culture crisis?

Gamification involves putting engagement at the heart of the contact centre by introducing a system that uses point scoring, competition, incentives, recognition, progress tracking, and leaderboards to align agent behaviour with the goals of the organisation - completely transforming the culture to address key business issues like morale and motivation.

This gears the contact centre up to significantly improve the day-to-day experience of each agent, and deliver a consistently great customer experience. Management also have much more control over gamification than most first realise, programmes can be designed with specific needs and goals in mind - operating on a limited cost or on high budgets.

Do you want to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction or ensure that all agents are fully trained? Perhaps you’d like to reward top performers, provide improvement programmes or resolve particular issues. What about all of the above? The great thing about gamification is you can have it all. But firstly, contact centres shouldn’t be asking what is the cost of introducing gamification to their business, but rather what ignoring gamification will cost their business.

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