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Why involving agents is the best way to improve contact centre quality.

As we move into 2016, the contact centre is becoming increasingly competitive, and leading names in the industry are starting to zero-in on improving the customer experience as well as business efficiency in order to develop an edge on the competition. Quality monitoring is key to getting a measure of agent performance and the impact it has on the customer experience.

In many contact centres, quality monitoring practices are falling short when delivering valuable insight to agents - this is especially true if staff don’t understand the process behind quality in the first place.

For this reason, it’s essential to get agents involved in the process, by listening to their thoughts on what could be done better and making sure they have a firm understanding of quality monitoring in the contact centre, they will be better equipped to respond to the feedback they receive and become champions of great customer service.

So, how can you ensure you agents are as involved as possible in quality monitoring?

The key lies in engagement. When it comes to coaching, ask your agents to select a couple of calls - one they think was excellent and another they think didn’t go very well. This allows your staff to take ownership of their own assessment from the offset - the more engaged they are, the more they can improve from coaching.

When listening to the calls, encourage agents to critique and assess the calls themselves. This way they will be able to reflect on their own techniques and will know exactly what is expected of them. Agents who assess their own calls against quality criteria will develop a deep understanding of the quality monitoring process - as a result, they’ll have insight into how their own performance impacts the business as a whole.

Another great way to secure engagement is to ask agents what their understanding of the quality process is. Ensure they have access to evaluation guidelines and criteria at all times, this will give them an insight into the process, and can voice any reservations they might have.

Give agents a real-time view into their own performance.

One of the most effective ways to ensure agents engage with quality monitoring is to give them direct insight into their own performance and development. Giving agents visibility into performance, feedback and coaching sessions is the perfect way to encourage ownership, and truly empowers them to step up their game and deliver a truly excellent customer experience.

Improve contact centre quality.

It’s true that engagement is the key to success in the contact centre, but we know making sure your agents are motivated and driven is hard to get right. This is why we’ve created The Team Leader’s Guide to Providing Agent Feedback - download it today to make sure you’ve got an empowered and engaged workforce for 2016.