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Kickstart call centre engagement with three simple steps.

As we move into the Spring, many businesses are looking for new, fresh and effective ways to kick off a new financial year. Particularly, call centre engagement is high on the list of initiatives for those who want to motivate and empower agents to do their very best.

Why is call centre engagement so important?

As the nature of call centre work rapidly changes with the advent of multichannel customer service, continually rising consumer expectations, and more stringent regulatory pressures, call centre engagement might seem like an afterthought - but it’s more important than ever.

Today’s team leaders have the responsibility to ensure their teams are engaged. Call centre engagement creates agents that are happy at work, motivated to be as productive as possible, and are empowered to deliver a great customer experience.

So what exactly can team leaders be doing to engage their agents? Here are three steps you can take today to get started:

Get savvy with your feedback.

Guiding your agents to improve their performance is one the key qualities of great team leadership. Being able to deliver clear, concise and useful feedback is what truly counts.

Quite often, agents can become disengaged because they’ve hit a wall with their performance and have little idea about what it might take to break through. As a team leader, you have the opportunity to identify and explore what might be causing your agents to fall short.

Have real conversations about performance with your agents whenever necessary, not just during formal reviews. Find out what they feel they’re doing well in, and where they think they could do better. Refer to their performance and identify the clear steps they need to take in order to get over that hump.

Treat agents as more than a bum on a seat.

Attrition is typically higher in the industry, but this can change with call centre engagement. We know you might see new faces on your team every few months, but nobody likes feeling like they’re just a number. By recognising individuality you can easily create a culture of engagement.

Agents who don’t feel like they’re being recognised as individuals have a tendency to distance themselves from the team. This can lead to poor morale and a dysfunctional team dynamic. Your team should feel like a real team, when everyone is engaged and included - productivity soars. Find out about the members of your team. Getting to know your agents can improve your relationship, meaning they’re more likely to go above and beyond.

Communicate your mission effectively

Many of today’s agents struggle to work simply because they’re told to. Call centre engagement comes from teams who understand the vision of the company, and where they fit in.

Effectively communicating the mission of the call centre shows agents how the work they do provides value to the business. When your team members can clearly see the bigger picture, it becomes easier for them to align themselves with your goals too.

Make sure that every goal you set with agents specifically links directly to current objectives. Explain to your teams that the work they do everyday is directly linked to the success of the company, and they have an opportunity to make a real difference.

These are just three simple ways to get started with call centre engagement and truly motivating your staff. To find out more, download our latest guide: The Team Leader’s Guide to Motivating Disengaged Agents.