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Lord Heseltine and EvaluAgent: sharing the same vision for the Tees Valley.

The historic vote to leave the EU has already led to major reverberations across the UK and beyond.

In the North East the support for Brexit could not have been more emphatic, with 58% of voters in favour of leaving the European Union, against 42% voting to remain.

While the long-term implications of Brexit are unknown, among business leaders there is an underlying belief that whatever the future holds, the Northern Powerhouse will continue to go from strength to strength.

How the Tees Valley is helping to fuel the Northern Powerhouse.

The Tees Valley is committed to the vision of a strong, prosperous North and remains at the very heart of this far-reaching initiative.

To this end, the Tees Valley Combined Authority was formed in April 2016 in order to drive economic growth and job creation in the area.

By harnessing the economy-boosting powers of Tees Valley’s five local councils and the Tees Valley Local Enterprise Partnership, it is perfectly poised to create an even stronger Tees Valley.

Heavyweight politician Lord Heseltine has put his weight behind the enterprise.

In order to build on the momentum created by the new Combined Authority and the Tees Valley devolution deal, Lord Heseltine was enlisted to compile a report that would help to further develop the Tees Valley area.

It involved a wide range of discussions with local private & public sector leaders and businesses, in order to identify the opportunities that will unlock, promote and support economic growth.

The result of the in-depth consultations was the publication of a far-reaching document: Tees Valley: opportunity unlimited - an independent report. This comprehensive paper makes a series of wide-ranging recommendations with the emphasis on creating the conditions for a sustainable, prosperous future.

To add even more muscle to the cause, Lord Heseltine also worked closely with local leaders to bring forward the creation of the new South Tees Development Corporation. The result is the very first Mayoral Development Corporation to be established outside of London, which will help drive the future vision for the SSI site and surrounding area.

EvaluAgent welcomes and supports Lord Heseltine’s vision.

These exciting developments have served to further inspire our own success. Ever since EvaluAgent was founded, our mission has been to challenge the status quo by delivering innovative solutions to one of the North’s biggest employers; the region’s numerous contact centres.

In 2015 we were selected as one of the winners of Northern Stars, a Tech Northinitiative aimed at supporting digital start-ups from across the North of England. This important acknowledgement of our achievements, underlined our status as a lean, new start-up with enough disruptive ideas to rival those of Silicon Valley.

We stand alongside Lord Heseltine, government bodies and countless businesses across the region in the drive to make the Tees Valley a focal point for growth and innovation.

In the words of Lord Heseltine: “The Government is driving forward the Northern Powerhouse. The new Combined Authority can stamp its own imprint, break out from the shadow of Newcastle, exploit its past, secure the interconnectivity of transport infrastructure, establish Darlington as its gateway and add an escalating range of new industries to those on which its past depended.”

We couldn’t agree more, and whatever Brexit may bring, you can rest assured that EvaluAgent will continue to lead the way for entrepreneurs committed to creating new opportunities in the Tees Valley.