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Uncover hidden insights by digging deeper than ever before with our new KPI Performance Report

By Sara Price | 2 Feb 2022
We’ve all been there. Finding yourself drowning in numerous data points that not only leave your original questions unanswered, but presents new ones along the way. Things need to change… and they are with our new KPI Performance Report. {%...
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Introducing our QA Maturity Tool: Helping your business flourish

By James Marscheider | 2 Feb 2022
Confusion and uncertainty shouldn’t be a rite of passage in the contact centre quality assurance (QA) journey… . Though it often is.
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An Analytics Expert’s Tips to Improve Compliance with Automated Quality Assurance

By Matthew Jones | 20 Jan 2022
We’ve all been hearing more about how conversation analytics and automated quality assurance can improve the customer experience – but can it manage your contact centre’s compliance risks too? Our auto-QA expert and analytics PhD, David Naylor, has...
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How to develop a successful quality assurance framework

By Martin Jukes | 7 Dec 2021
One of the biggest issues for growing customer service teams is the inability or failure to measure and manage the quality of service and conversation that front-line advisors are having with customers.
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5 ways optimising your contact centre QA can save you money

By Matthew Jones | 2 Dec 2021
Do you ever feel like you struggle to make the business case for investment in quality assurance (QA) in your contact centre?    You’re not alone.    On the one hand, the underlying logic is simple – low morale, undertrained agents, and inadequate...
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Contact Centre Compliance: Why Every Conversation Needs Coverage

By Matthew Jones | 23 Nov 2021
As contact centres, we are a hotbed of high-risk compliance activity and are tasked with balancing complex and contradicting requirements:  Protecting customer data while making it accessible to the right people at the right time  Providing...
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