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3 Coaching Templates To Help You Have More Effective Conversations

By Matthew Jones | 21 Jul 2021
Holding effective 1:1 coaching sessions with agents is known to have a huge impact on employee motivation. In a recent survey, more than half of customer support workers said they wanted more communication and feedback yet inconsistencies across...
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One-to-Ones: How to Make Every Meeting Count

By Matthew Jones | 13 Jul 2021
One-to-ones are a fantastic tool for improving agent performance, activity and engagement. But, you don’t get all that time for free.    Every one-to-one you run takes an agent away from frontline customer interactions for a period of time. And,...
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3 Barriers To Successful One-to-Ones and How to Overcome Them

By Matthew Jones | 6 Jul 2021
There’s no doubt about it - One-to-Ones are one of the foundational pillars of strong contact centre performance.    Without a clearly defined commitment to One-to-One sessions with your frontline agents, you have limited opportunity to identify...
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Performance Improvement in the Contact Centre: A Guide

By Matthew Jones | 30 Jun 2021
All too often, contact centre agents are treated as disposable. There’s a ready supply of labour, after all, and frontline workers come and go. Isn’t that how it’s always been?     As well as creating a negative atmosphere for your employees and...
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5 Reasons One-to-Ones Are Vital For Your Contact Centre's Success

By Matthew Jones | 25 Jun 2021
One-to-ones: an essential but far too often overlooked part of the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Cycle.   One-to-one meetings between managers and employees are often one of those things that everyone agrees is important, but that...
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3 Top QA Scoring Tips for New Evaluators

By Matthew Jones | 24 Jun 2021
Listening to a huge range of customer interactions and scoring each one quickly, fairly, accurately and consistently is no easy task.    That’s why so many evaluators find scoring difficult when they start - and that’s nothing to be ashamed of!
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