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How to use Reward and Recognition as an Employee Engagement tool

By SJ Thompson | 3 Sep 2019
When a business has high levels of employee engagement, they will see a range of great benefits, from increased productivity to higher levels of customer satisfaction. A happy employee is more committed to their employer and willing to put in...
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How to motivate disengaged team members with tips for employee engagement

By SJ Thompson | 3 Sep 2019
You might already know of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, used across the world to show the different stages of human needs from survival all the way to self actualisation. Well, we've revamped Maslows Hierarchy of Needs to relate to employee...
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How to improve Employee Engagement: 10 Games to engage your Customer Service teams

By SJ Thompson | 3 Sep 2019
As you'll be fully aware, engaged employees are better for business. With higher levels of productivity, higher retention rates (therefore less recruitment costs) and improved levels of customer satisfaction, employee engagement is a key factor...
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EvaluAgent quality assurance platform supports Risk & Compliance teams

By SJ Thompson | 8 Jul 2019
We’re constantly releasing new features within the EvaluAgent platform for contact monitoring and compliance requirements - a number of which will greatly benefit the financial services industry.
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Why Smashtech places Customer Service and Quality at the heart of their business

By Matthew Jones | 5 Jun 2019
Smashtech® one of the fastest growing tech companies in California, has recently chosen EvaluAgent to help their front-line engage in better conversations with their customers as they continue to scale both their operation and team.
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The Ultimate Guide To Speech Analytics

By Keir Woolhouse | 16 May 2019
Speech Analytics is one of the fastest growing technologies in contact centres. While it may not yet be mainstream, rest assured, it will be - and, as we shall see, for good reason. That said, as with much in the field of Artificial Intelligence...
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