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How much abuse do your agents have to suffer?

By Jonny Bradshaw | 17 Dec 2016 | | 6 Minute Read
In recent years the problem has grown, as people just aren’t bound by the same social norms over the phone as when they are communicating face-to-face.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how effective are your surveys?

By Jaime Scott | 10 Dec 2016 | | 7 Minute Read
Failing to deliver surveys that engage with customers and value their input, they simply miss the whole point.
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How to make homeworkers feel at home with the brand.

By Chris Keelan | 2 Dec 2016 | | 5 Minute Read
Tips and advice on how to keep the homeworker workforce engaged and motivated with innovative call centre performance management and gamification.
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Targets are good to know, advice on how to achieve them is priceless!

By Michelle Dinsmore | 23 Nov 2016 | | 7 Minute Read
The obsession with call centre monitoring software has led to a lot of numbers weighing down on the workforce and a dramatic drop in agent motivation.
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To debate or not to debate, that is the question.

By Jaime Scott | 18 Nov 2016 | | 3 Minute Read
At EvaluAgent we believe that the way forward is to nurture a fully engaged, highly motivated and extremely qualified contact centre workforce.
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Are your agents about to sue you for mental abuse?

By Jonny Bradshaw | 11 Nov 2016 | | 7 Minute Read
All too often absenteeism is viewed solely as a problem that affects operational effectiveness, but what if it is a symptom of mental health issues?
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