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It’s time to stop treating people like machines.

By Jonny Bradshaw | 30 Jan 2017
"That’s right, treat agents as intelligent, self-determining individuals with a desire to increase their knowledge and improve their skills."
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How Elon Musk proved that delivering a first-rate customer service isn’t rocket science.

By Jonny Bradshaw | 23 Jan 2017
From self-drive electric cars to solar energy to space rockets, is there any business sector that Elon Musk can’t master?
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Silos: the hidden killer of good customer experience.

By Jonny Bradshaw | 16 Jan 2017
“The customer experience is the new battleground!” Forbes’ celebrated rallying cry shows no signs of abating.
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Are you ready for Generation Z?

By Jonny Bradshaw | 7 Jan 2017
A new year is upon us and with it the perennial problem of how to improve call centre agent motivation.
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If I offered you £50, how much faster would you take in this blog?

By Jonny Bradshaw | 24 Dec 2016
If you want people to perform better, you reward them, right? Wrong.
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How much abuse do your agents have to suffer?

By Jonny Bradshaw | 17 Dec 2016
"Then he shouted, ‘you f***ing P**i b***h!" I was shocked and said ‘pardon?’ Then he shouted it again. I said, ‘I could report you for that sort of language’ but he carried on yelling and screaming so I ended the call.”
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