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EvaluAgent wins prestigious Northern Tech award.

By Jaime Scott | 24 Mar 2016
It’s an exciting time for EvaluAgent as we continue to grow, develop and succeed - and as we are continue to be recognised by others for the value we bring to the call centre industry. Last night, EvaluAgent was invited to join the brightest and...
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Resistance is futile: the impact of bad change management on the call centre.

By Reg Dutton | 29 Feb 2016
Drastic change can be one of the most disruptive things to operations and performance in the call centre. Over time, both processes and software can become outdated and ineffective - but due to employee resistance to change, things only change when...
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The secret to effective call centre communication.

By Chris Keelan | 22 Feb 2016
Quite often, a business strategy is put into effect without being properly communicated to the frontline staff. When it comes to call centre communication, you can put together the most detailed and well-structured business strategy, but if you...
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What's the difference between a good team leader and a bad one?

By Chris Keelan | 18 Feb 2016
What's the importance of being a good Team Leader? Over the many years I’ve spent in the call centre industry, I’ve learnt how to improve results, increase customer satisfaction and motivate agents. Above everything else, nothing achieves these...
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Infographic: signs of call centre agent disengagement

By Jaime Scott | 16 Feb 2016
Employee disengagement is a serious problem - a problem that costs the UK economy up to £15bn every year, according to a recent study.
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Agent Attrition: The real reasons why call centre agents quit...

By Reg Dutton | 18 Jan 2016
Every contact centre has an array of challenges to face week in, week out. Whether management are battling to improve efficiency, reduce call handling times or simply better the customer experience, there’s always something to tackle.
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