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Three questions to ask when buying a performance management solution.

Performance management solutions can be seen as the Holy Grail when it comes to improving customer service; however if you’ve been around in the contact centre industry for a while, you’ll know they don’t always deliver on their promise.

The best systems will help you create a culture of collaboration and co-operation in your contact centre and should deliver on three essential points:

  1. Does it allow you to create tailored scorecards? Your performance management system should allow you to create tailored performance management agreements for each role in your contact centre. Perhaps even more importantly, it should allow you to build scorecard templates that balance quantitative measures with customer-focused metrics and outcomes based on your brand values and desired behaviours. It’s easy to fall into the trap of incentivising highly “efficient” robotic customer experiences that bear no resemblance to the brand image you want to project.
  2. Will it integrate easily with sources of real-time contact centre data such as quality, customer satisfaction and first call resolution? By choosing a system that continuously pulls all of this real-time data into your agent’s scorecard, agents can see how they are performing on a daily basis. This gives them a far greater insight into how they can improve than a quarterly performance review can. And it provides greater motivation too. By making the process employee-focused, you can empower your frontline staff to own their own performance and ensure there are no nasty surprises at review time.
  3. Does the system allow you to build a genuine two-way coaching relationship? Far too often, performance management systems pay lip service to agent improvement. To avoid this pitfall, choose a system that uses performance data to drive regular coaching sessions. And make sure these sessions deliver meaningful, action-focused feedback and give both agents and manager’s electronic sign-off on both individual and team-wide future targets.

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