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Leading BPO opts for EvaluAgent Quality

By Matthew Jones | 28 Nov 2017 | | 2 Minute Read
When one of the world’s biggest BPOs chooses your Quality Monitoring Solution over the competition, you know your solution must be Quality.
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EvaluAgent joins forces with the CCA!

By Jonny Bradshaw | 6 Nov 2017 | | 3 Minute Read
Announcing a dynamic new partnership between EvaluAgent and one of the world’s leading authorities on customer contact strategies and operations.
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EvaluAgent awarded Cyber Essentials accreditation

By Matthew Jones | 31 Oct 2017 | | 2 Minute Read
Cyber Essentials accreditation underlines EvaluAgent’s commitment to safeguarding our platform and ensuring near perfect uptime.
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EvaluAgent form strategic partnership with The Forum

By Jonny Bradshaw | 15 Sep 2017 | | 2 Minute Read
The is a test meta
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Introducing the groundbreaking EvaluAgent WEM platform: the vision is now a reality.

By Jaime Scott | 2 Mar 2017 | | 10 Minute Read
The EvaluAgent WEM platform is the culmination of years of R&D, in order to give your people the tools they need to deliver a first-class CX.
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Lord Heseltine and EvaluAgent: sharing the same vision for the Tees Valley.

By Jaime Scott | 17 Jul 2016 | | 4 Minute Read
The Tees Valley is committed to the vision of a strong, prosperous North and remains at the very heart of this far-reaching initiative.
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