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6 Common Challenges with Calibration and how to overcome them.

By Reg Dutton | 11 Jan 2019 | | 31 Minute Read
This week, subject matter expert and all-around Calibration guru, Reg Dutton is going to look at Calibration. Originally named, 'The Six Common Challenges with Calibration and how to overcome them' - please enjoy the recording.
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How to create a great Quality Scorecard in your contact centre

By Jaime Scott | 7 Aug 2018 | | 6 Minute Read
In this blog, we're going to lean on our 20+ years in the Call Centre Industry to provide you with our top tips for creating a great Quality Scorecard. We'll cover the line items your Scorecard should include and how you can use our free Quality Monitoring Software to drive performance improvement.
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Changing your Quality Assurance Process – A “How-to” Guide

By Reg Dutton | 4 Apr 2018 | | 6 Minute Read
[Best Practice Guide] Learn top tips from Contact Centre Pros on how you can effectively transform your existing Quality Assurance Process to improve agent engagement and performance. In this blog post, Reg Dutton will describe a number of tops tips, and a link to our Ultimate Guide to QA.
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The Ultimate Guide To Call Centre Quality Assurance

By Reg Dutton | 30 Sep 2017 | | 24 Minute Read
This guide has been created to ensure your call centre quality assurance process is following best practice, and will equip you with everything you need by covering all six areas of Quality Assurance; essential metrics, evaluation forms, trends, best practice, reports and a number of quick wins!
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Is the contact centre sector heading toward another costly mistake?

By Jaime Scott | 12 Jun 2017 | | 11 Minute Read
Automation has its limits. We need to learn how to collaborate with technology in ways that augment human skills to create higher-value, more fulfilling roles.
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Will the rise of the machines lead to the downfall of your BPO?

By Jonny Bradshaw | 1 Jun 2017 | | 9 Minute Read
Will the rise of the machines lead to the downfall of your BPO? Focus too heavily on digital CX and you could end up terminating key client relationships.
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