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What can call centre professionals learn from 'Game of Thrones?'

It’s the HBO series that’s taken us all by storm - it’s full of surprises, fast-paced and at times downright heartbreaking - so it’s really no wonder so many call centre staff love it so much. If you peel back the gratuitous violence and raunchy scenes, it’s not difficult to find lessons easily applied to the call centre.

Here are the three golden rules Game of Thrones has to teach soldiering agents and valiant team leaders:

Remain calm under pressure.

It’s important to keep your cool when things get heated - Tyrion Lannister exemplifies exactly how a placid temperament can get you out of the stickiest situations. Whether his enemies or allies are giving him a hard time and the world is seemingly collapsing around him, he comes out unscathed and in favour of his peers. The call centre can be full of tyrannical managers and tricky customers - but whatever the weather, it’s important to make sure you remain calm in order to thrive and demonstrate your value to the business.

Support and empowerment are king.

The King might seem like the most powerful man in all of Westeros, but as we’ve seen in many cases, even he is at risk when his small council aren’t supporting him properly. For any kingdom or call centre to flourish - it’s absolutely essential to create a culture of support. Whether you’re simply sharing knowledge with team members or empowering your agents to own customer issues, teamwork goes a long way when trying to claim the customer service throne.

Competition creates results.

Game of Thrones would be nothing without the players - the competition to be sat at the Iron Throne motivates the individuals involved to innovate, team up and do their best in order to succeed. The call centre is no different - by introducing simple gamification elements into the environment, the culture can be transformed to deliver real value, enhance performance across the board and boost the morale of all troops - be they from camp Stark or Lannister.

The call centre can often feel like a medieval battleground, but if to ensure more customer delight rather than customary decapitations it’s essential to use a structured approach to motivate and engage staff across the board.