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What story do call centre metrics tell about your business?

The very first call centre in the UK was established over 50 years ago. Regarded as state-of-the-art technology in its day, this Private Automated Business Exchange (PABX) was only capable of handling a relatively modest number of customers - meaning there weren't many call centre metrics to manage. These days, call centres handle literally millions of calls. Now add the rise of multichannel capabilities and the huge upsurge in digital technologies and it’s no wonder that businesses of all sizes are now producing data by the terabyte.

Call centres across the world have entered the age of ‘Big Data’.

How big is Big Data?

Big Data comes in many different forms, but with the call centre specifically in mind, the data sets focus on a number of key metrics, from Key Performance Indicators to customer profiling.

Every single day, spreadsheets overflowing with information are published in an effort to find trends and patterns on agent performance, the customer experience and the call centre business as a whole.

In some business sectors, the growth of Big Data has led to the need for data scientists who reputedly earn in excess of £250k a year uncovering insights that can lead to far-reaching business advances.

While there are many rich insights to be found in call centre metrics, the cost of hiring a specialist means that most organisations aren’t likely to hire a data scientist any time soon.

Crunching call centre metrics.

As a result, many call centres are simply overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task presented by the data at their disposal. They quite simply lack the tools to make sense of the numbers.

So, it follows that they should look for intelligent tools that display performance data in a way that reveals insights - quickly and easily.

Which is why at EvaluAgent we place so much importance on making our call centre performance data easier to digest. We invest a great deal of time and money creating engaging and intuitive software that present the findings in a clear and visually-pleasing format.

Our proven call centre metrics dashboard is testimony to this philosophy. It has been designed to take your data and unlike headache-inducing spreadsheets, present you with a range of in-depth findings that can be quickly understood.

Customers metrics, agent performance and management overview have never been so easy to recognise and act upon; paving the way for your organisation to deliver a better customer experience than ever before.