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Team Engagement: The #1 Strategy to Maintain Motivation and Sustain Service Quality

Home working isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! The novelty has worn off and managers need to step up now to save their teams and the business from suffering. 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better...
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Ultimate Guide to Scoring

Many people regard scoring as being the most difficult part of the Quality Assurance (QA) process. In this blog we look at scoring in more detail and discuss: why do we need to score, the different types and methods of scoring, how to score...
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Quality Assurance: Getting started with QA

Quality assurance, call monitoring, QA, interaction analytics, quality management, CRQM, conversation reviews, performance management, quality monitoring… it’s all pretty much talking about the same thing. Assessing customer interactions against a...
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Five ways Housing Associations can reduce complaints and improve contact centre efficiency

It’s a widespread perception that not-for-profit, social or local government organisations provide inferior customer experience to private sector companies. The government’s ‘New Deal for Social Housing’ green paper – which outlines a goal of...
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The Ultimate Guide: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic at the moment - especially within fast paced environments like contact centres. In this guide, we want to help forward-thinking professionals prepare themselves and their team to focus on the 21st century contact...
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How to develop a successful quality assurance framework

Run a quick google search, and you’ll find thousands of scorecard templates that you could download. One of these may be a good starting point, but it is crucial to ensure that this is adapted to meet your specific needs. In this whitepaper, you...
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The Ultimate Guide To Call Centre Quality Assurance

This guide has been created to ensure your call centre quality assurance process is following best practice, and will equip you with everything you need by covering: The essential metrics and KPIs your quality assurance process must measure. How to...
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CX and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

CX and the Fourth Industrial Revolution In this thought-provoking eBook we will examine how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already affecting the customer experience (CX), and specifically the role of the agent at the frontline of your contact...
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A survival handbook for the 21st-century contact centre

Your guide to overcoming the challenges of the next decade and securing your place among the service elite. In less than 10 years the contact centre as we know it will no longer exist. In its place will be a new generation of contact centre; staffed...
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The guide to spreadsheet-free call centre performance reporting

A guide for contact centre professionals who want to improve performance reporting To maintain a successful call centre operation, managers are finding smarter, more efficient ways to work across almost every area of the business. So why is it so...
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