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The Essential Guide to Call Centre Quality Monitoring

A guide for contact centre professionals who want to empower staff and improve business efficiency through quality monitoring To deliver a great customer experience means treating quality monitoring as more than just a simple box-ticking exercise. ...
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The Team Leader’s Guide to Motivating Disengaged Agents

A guide for call centre Team Leaders and Managers who want to address attrition and disengagement amongst their teams The challenge of keeping agents motivated to work hard is now more important, and difficult, than ever.  It’s down to Team Leaders...
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The essential guide to using VoC to improve agent performance

A guide for contact centre professionals who want to harness the power of VoC in order to measure, manage and reward the performance of frontline agents The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is about capturing, first hand, how customers feel about their...
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Stories from Customer Service Support

Tales from the call centre and the lessons we can learn The call centre is often a vibrant, busy and sometimes chaotic place to work. This means it’s an eventful environment where there are many lessons to be learnt. The EvaluAgent team have spent...
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The Most Overlooked Ways to Reward Contact Centre Staff

A guide to understanding the importance of reward and recognition in the contact centre, and tips on how to maximise the effectiveness of call centre rewards The culture of recognition has always been absolutely key to achieving success in the...
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The Manager’s Handbook to Agent Happiness

A guide for leaders and managers in the contact centre industry who want to create happy and motivated teams Creating a contact centre that is home to great customer service means getting the balance right between efficiency, cost and the happiness...
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The Generation Game

Transforming the culture of multi-generation contact centres Learn more about the generations in your contact centre, what makes them tick as individuals, and exactly how call centre gamification can engage and motivate everyone across the board.  
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The Six Golden Rules of Agent Engagement

A guide for leaders and managers in the contact centre industry who want to engage their teams Engaged employees are the key to the success of any business, and the contact centre is no different. Discover what engagement means, how it affects the...
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The Team Leader’s Guide to Providing Call Centre Agent Feedback

A guide for leaders and managers in the contact centre industry who want to engage their teams through effective feedback Providing effective feedback to call centre agents is absolutely key to the performance of the contact centre, but is also one...
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The Essential Team Leader Playbook

If you’re a Team Leader, this short guide is designed to help you. EvaluAgent has worked closely with the UK’s leading contact centres to identify the most common challenges facing today’s Team Leaders, and how to address them. Team Leaders rarely...
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