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About our client.

An instantly recognisable name that has been in existence for over a century, our client has been the UK's biggest-selling car brand for no less than 34 consecutive years.

Spurred on by the success of their longstanding financing and credit operations, our client decided it was time to use their globally trusted brand name to break into the savings market.


The situation and challenges.

While our client already had a banking licence and had been offering finance and credit services to thousands of satisfied customers for many years, they didn’t yet have approval to accept deposits.

This all changed in April 2017, when they turned savings provider with the launch of six new deals: one easy-access account and two short-term fixed rate accounts, together with three cash Isa options for customers looking for a tax-free home for their money.

This bold decision to enter into the savings market with a relatively small team of just 20-30 agents, presented our client with a number of challenges:

Firstly, operating as a licensed bank the new venture would be carefully scrutinised by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, so our client needed to keep a very close eye on compliance.

Secondly, as all contact centre operations and website interactions would be handled by a third party, it was essential that any solution would deliver feedback both to the contact centre operations and its agents, as well as the website team in order to improve the user experience.

From the very onset, savers were promised that they would receive excellent customer service with fair rates and straightforward products. To match this promise, our client recognised the need to have visibility into everything that new customers were saying about their new products and services.

The solution.

In order to capture the true Voice of the Customer, our client chose EvaluAgent Surveys. This tried and tested solution enabled them to gather feedback through a combination of IVR and online surveys, then present the results in a clear, meaningful way.

Tailored to the metrics that mattered most, the main objectives of the surveys were to measure:

Telephony ASAT, CSAT and IVR Conversion Rates

Calls logged

Online CSAT and Conversion Rates

Combined CSAT

From the onset, we shared best practice advice on how to present the surveys in order to maximise response and support the operational success of the new enterprise.

But what really brought this exciting new project to life was the versatility of our performance dashboards. The ability to dynamically change the data and metrics tiles displayed based on user permissions, provided our client with the flexibility to choose exactly who would be able to access the information captured.

So while the third party contact centre was able to drill down in order to measure and improve the abilities of individual agents, our client requested, and was presented with, an overview of the operation as a whole.

Our dedicated performance dashboards were able to consolidate the Voice of Customer figures and feedback into a single analysis and reporting platform, providing our client with the clear visibility that they were seeking.

The results and implementation

In the months building up to the launch, our client services team maintained regular contact via weekly project stakeholder meetings; while continually updating and streamlining the delivery plan.

Once the plan was agreed, there was a period of system testing, a soft launch, followed by user training for section managers, team leaders and agents. And for total peace of mind, for the actual launch we offered onsite support and remained on standby at all times in order to provide assistance and guidance over the phone should it be needed.

The outcome was:

An omni-channel surveying platform that delivered response rates of up to 47%

Verbatim responses of up to 30% delivering rich, actionable insight

Quickly identified issues that if left unchecked could have had serious consequences

Delivered insight into many future opportunities for improvement

The impressive 47% IVR response rate combined with the 21% online response rate provided our client with the comprehensive customer feedback that they were seeking.

This feedback was instrumental in ironing out any teething problems that come with a new enterprise, with the near real-time feedback enabling changes to be made without interrupting the overall rollout.

Equally importantly was the high percentage of verbatim responses which topped 30% and provided rich actionable feedback straight from the Voice of the Customer. Even when the flexibility of our survey solution was put to the test by an unexpected spike in customer interactions, our cloud-based solution easily met the challenge and ensured no loss of valuable insight

Ford results.png

And while we are unable to take credit for the abilities of the third party agents or the functionality of the website, we were pleased to be able to report back to our client a combined CSAT score of 95%.

To complete an altogether successful launch, the depth of information and feedback that we gained from the the first 3 months enabled us to identify a number of future opportunities that were immediately reported back to our client.

A very happy client

“While our surveys were instrumental in capturing the true Voice of the Customer, it was the versatility of our performance dashboards that proved invaluable in delivering the clarity of insight that our client was seeking.”

Chris Keelan, Account Manager at EvaluAgent