About the partnership.

Over the last two decades, a global BPO has forged a dynamic relationship with one of the largest savings institutions in the UK.

The partnership as been a critical factor in the successful business transformation of a xxx financial institution, helping it to overcome significant business challenges, while continually developing its contact centre operations to deliver even better customer service.

This leading BPO currently runs no less than three contact centres, employing more than 600 customer service staff across the front and back office.



The situation and challenges.

From the very beginning, the partnership has been based on trust and mutual goodwill; underpinned by close collaboration at senior management level. Recently, in joint initiative, the partners identified a new area of strategic focus, ‘to make the organisation easier to do business with’. 

Its ultimate goal was to reduce customer effort, by making its services more customer-centric, while greatly improving the monitoring and measuring of customer feedback. In order to achieve these aims, they required an innovative solution that would quickly identify the root causes of any customer dissatisfaction and then support agents with constructive feedback and actionable coaching.

They were looking for a technology partner who would help develop a closer relationship and firmly embed the voice of the customer into the contact centre strategy. To add to an already demanding agenda, they also required a solution that would drive operational improvements and lead directly to efficiency savings.

The solution and implementation.

After a thorough review of the market-place, they found the solution they were looking for. The answer lay in our Workforce Engagement Management platform, the world’s first web-based software solution designed specifically for contact centres.

In one single easy-to-use solution, it empowers the multi-channel contact centre with a wide ranging set of features, including the ability to:



Efficiently and effectively monitor calls and emails.


Close the loop by tracking and reporting on subsequent improvement via coaching.


Instantly capture customer feedback on both agent and overall process performance.


Report on agent performance at a granular level and deliver real-time results direct to the agent’s desktop.


Award agents points and rewards for showing improvement and consistent performance.


Manage and track First Contact Resolution (FCR) and identify the root cause of repeat contacts.


Schedule, manage and record collaborative agent coaching.


Administer performance management agreements and auto-populate results so that data for each performance review is delivered at the press of a button.

Following a successful trial period, our WEM solution was rolled out across all three contact centres in less than three months.

Before, during and after implementation, our client services experts provided extensive onsite support to the entire project team. The experience that each member of our client services team brought to the project, meant they were able to effectively communicate the rollout plan to agents, team leaders and senior management.

In addition, in order to make the roll-out as successful as possible, a number of employees were chosen to be ambassadors for the new solution, cheerleading its many benefits and helping colleagues to make the most of its advanced features.

The results.

Our WEM platform was able to deliver measurable improvements in customer service in just three short months, including:


A culture of empowerment.

A more collaborative approach to quality and coaching using customer feedback, has helped everyone to recognise the part they play in delivering an efficient and customer-focused experience.


The Voice of the Customer is finally being heard.

With around 8,000 surveys completed per month, management now has a huge volume of customer data to track performance and inform the business.


Proven client value.

The ability to drive transformation and deliver a more customer-centric service was a key factor in helping the BPO successfully retain their contract, following a competitive pitch the following year.


A clear competitive advantage.

Our WEM platform has proven so successful that the BPO is currently looking to roll it out for other clients, and it has become a regular feature in new business proposals. As it is such a unique product in the sector, with a test case that proves its value, our WEM platform also provides the BPO with a USP and a competitive advantage over its competitors.

A very happy client

“EvaluAgent has played a key role by enabling us to capture the voice of the customer and place it at the heart of our culture. As a result our voice of the customer programme is now driving operational efficiencies and supporting our over-riding objective of making our organisation easier to do business with.”

Chris Ross - Head of Telephone Operations