About our client.

Customer care takes on a whole new meaning when you are an international healthcare provider serving 32 million people in 190 countries, and responsible for a customer relationship that could literally be the difference between life and death.

Meeting the individual needs of every customer while delivering a superior customer experience (CX), in the face of strict regulatory compliance is no easy task. But never an organisation to rest on its laurels, our client made a conscious commitment to deliver a better, even more customer-centric service.

So EvaluAgent was asked to provide a solution that would deliver consistent and long-term improvements in the quality of CX, while ensuring total compliance and upholding the demanding security protocols for customer confidentiality.


The situation and challenges.

Our client’s goal was to be able to use customer experience as the definitive measure of quality, but realised that this would require fundamental changes as to how the whole quality process was understood and measured.

While customer service teams were routinely tracking performance metrics such as Hold Time, Average Call Handling Time (AHT) and Call Wrap (CW), relying on these criteria alone simply wouldn’t deliver the improvements our client was seeking. Furthermore, senior management recognised that they needed someone to come in and view their existing processes with fresh eyes in order to move forward into a new era.

Before EvaluAgent could advise as to what elements of its software platform would deliver the required outcomes, the client services team led a series of group meetings and one-to-one sessions with a range of stakeholders including agents, team managers and the dedicated team responsible for overall quality.



Spreadsheet struggles

The Excel spreadsheets that were being used to deliver the audits took far too long to complete, so by the time they were ready to be shared they were often out of date and consequently of little practical use.


Complex scorecards

The frameworks that the quality team were using, were too diverse and attempted to cover virtually every area of customer service. This resulted in agents receiving too much information, which over complicated the process and led directly to lengthy AHT.


Multiple sites

The customer service teams were spread over 3 sites, each with its own distinct culture and methods of working; creating operational silos that were preventing cooperation, the sharing of information and consistency of quality across the organisation.


Lack of engagement

While there was already a dedicated quality team in place, a lack of collaboration and engagement had led to an ‘us versus them’ scenario, between the quality team and the people on the front-line. Furthermore, team leaders weren’t actively involved in the quality auditing process and as a result weren’t sufficiently equipped to coach agents.


A millennium workforce

The situation was further exacerbated by a large influx of Millennials, who felt that they weren’t being given enough support. As a result, staff were becoming increasingly disengaged and this was having a huge impact on the ability to retain agents and deliver a positive customer experience.

The solution.

The EvaluAgent solution is more than just software, it’s the glue that brings together and engages disparate groups of individuals and unites them in a common purpose; to deliver a superior CX. Upon investigation, we found that many of the problems could be solved simply through greater collaboration, cohesion and communication. Therefore, it was crucial that we delivered a solution that would engage and unite departments, teams and individuals under a single quality banner, all focused on the same business objectives.



An improved process.

Working closely with all parties, the first step was to redesign the scorecards so that they were easier to use and understand. The new scorecards were also constructed to deliver far more in-depth analysis and gave management a unified view of changing customer trends and behaviours from within the EvaluAgent platform.

As a direct result, the presentation of the information contained in the new scorecards provided the training teams with the ability to deliver far more relevant and focused coaching. In addition, now the quality frameworks more accurately captured the data that related directly to the quality of individual customer experiences.



Real-time feedback

Every stakeholder needed to have the same definition of quality; so by examining their roles, responsibilities and relationships, we were able to redefine the flow of the audit information from the quality teams through to the frontline agents.

By bringing together the departments, teams and individuals and including them in the development of the new quality framework process, we ensured that everyone was onboard with the new single understanding of quality. We also broke down the barriers that were causing the fragmentation, in order to deliver a transparent and permeable solution that would allow the free flow of information.


A major departure from the short-sighted focus on scores

EvaluAgent Quality was a major departure from the short-sighted focus on scores, and instead concentrated on feedback and improvement. Whereas previously agents only received negative feedback from the quality team via their team leaders, there was a new emphasis on highlighting the many great interactions they had with customers.

With feedback delivered in near real time, agents now received the information and coaching they needed to greatly improve their performance. Freshly motivated and keen to try out their new skills, they were now equipped to deliver a superior customer experience, in record time.

The implementation.

The secret behind the successful implementation can be attributed directly to the emphasis on collaborative planning that ensured everyone was on board right from the very start.

Throughout the implementation, our client services experts provided extensive onsite support to the entire project team. The experience that each member of our client services team brought to the project, meant they were able to effectively communicate the rollout plan to agents, team leaders and senior management.

A continual cycle of feedback ensured that any problems encountered along the way, were swiftly addressed and immediately incorporated into the new quality model. In addition, to ensure the smooth running of the programme at all times, our 24/7 helpdesk was at hand whenever additional support was required.

From the initial evaluation to final implementation took just 12 weeks, all without ever undermining operational efficiency.

The results.

The EvaluAgent solution not only created a new reporting infrastructure and a fully integrated staff process, it enabled our client to embrace a completely new quality management process.

A combination of a more streamlined process, faster and more constructive feedback to agents, and more focused coaching, resulted in an immediate improvement of employee engagement and CX. Furthermore, a number of key commercially focused KPIs were dramatically improved.