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Start measuring the right things

Adopt a new QA framework or recreate your existing approach. See how to build and manage your own scorecards to make sure your agents are meeting the expected standard across every channel.

In this tour we'll see how easy it is to create a new scorecard and add a Line Item (Question) to your form.

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Increase coverage and evaluate 4x faster

See how quickly you can Integrate, Automate and Evaluate to increase coverage and deliver relevant feedback to your front-line teams.

In this tour you'll experience the end-to-end evaluation process and what happens with the result.

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Turn insight into performance improvement

Close the loop between QA, Coaching and One-to-Ones. See how a centralised platform and connected workflows empowers teams to act on development opportunities and eliminate data silos for maximum visibility.

In this tour you'll see how easy it is to conduct a data-driven coaching conversation and track the resulting actions.




KPI Performance Report

View the quality performance for all of your operational areas from the top-level (business) throughout your organisational structure down to an individual agents' performance in just a few clicks!



Line-Item Performance Report

Understand which areas of the customer experience are not meeting the expected standard across your scorecards so that you can develop more action-focused coaching and training intervention for those that need it.



Category Performance Report

Monitor performance across business areas and grouped line items from across your scorecard using the category performance report.



Evaluator Performance Report

Tracking the productivity and consistency of your quality assurance team is hard to do in a spreadsheet. We make it simple so you can more accurately plan resource, monitor consistency and keep a handle on Agent disputes across scorecards and date ranges.

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