Tailored for Business Process Outsourcers

We know every contact centre is different. However, few face the pressure of ever-increasing client, and customer expectations. All whilst delivering against SLAs and tight budgets.

Actively used by some of the worlds largest outsourcers, EvaluAgent® includes all the features you would expect; plus a number of innovations to meet the specific needs of Business Process Outsourcers.



Easily accommodate multiple accounts

Configure and ringfence QA forms for multiple clients. Monitor and report quality performance across every team, channel and account!

Works with each client’s technology

EvaluAgent® is designed to work with any call recording or case management system; affording you maximum flexibility as well as fast and timely rollouts.

Helps you to win new business

We support our BPO partners to leverage EvaluAgent’s technology, expertise and collateral to differentiate and add value during the bid process.

Credentials you can trust

Convincing a client to adopt new operational practices is not always easy, but it’s a lot easier with Quality Monitoring Software that is used by other global brands.



Support delivered by experienced practitioners.

Through a blended approach of software and client support, we ensure project success and help every new client with onboarding, training and ongoing support; truly setting us apart from other vendors.

Whether you need help engaging your operational teams, managing client expectations or supporting bids, your dedicated client success manager will be able to share their own experience, and our resources, to help.

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Credentials you can trust.

Working with trusted technology partners, we maintain a series of best-in-class security measures to ensure compliance with data-handling regulations; including GDPR.

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Improving CSAT and delivering significant efficiency savings.

Working alongside a leading BPO that runs no less than three contact centres for this single client, it was under pressure to drive innovation, and efficiency savings.

In order to achieve these aims, they turned to EvaluAgent®. The result - a significant improvement in CSAT and cost savings.

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