Over the last 5 years we have been at the forefront of research into Gamification and have thoroughly investigated its use within the Call Centre environment.


At EvaluAgent we are passionate about providing your people with innovative tools that empower them to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

In fact, every time we launch a new software solution we put our reputation on the line, which is why we only deliver solutions that are thoroughly tested and proven in the field.

One of the biggest obstacles you face is the persistent problem of agent disengagement. And you’re not alone, as the resultant absenteeism, churn and low productivity costs the industry a staggering £2.3 billion every year.

Allow us to share our experience and knowledge with you.

What is Call Centre Gamification?

Gamification is a relatively new software solution that involves the use of a variety of game mechanics such as points, badges, levels and social interaction

The overarching idea is that when combined, they turn mundane work processes into competitive activities, convert achievements into rewards, and promote a sense of camaraderie among co-workers.

As a result, many Call Centre professionals are actively exploring Gamification as a solution to agent disengagement. But the question remains; does Gamification really deliver all that it promises?

Effective tool or expensive buzzword?

Not surprisingly, the vendors of Gamification solutions make many bold claims about their ability to transform your Call Centre into a more productive, customer-centric operation.

If they are to be believed, then Gamification is capable of inspiring and motivating agents to increase their efforts, make them more productive and ultimately improve that all-important customer experience.

Yet many Call Centres fail to address the root problems of disengagement. Unless you tackle these, it doesn’t matter which Gamification solution you choose, it will almost certainly fail.

Does Call Centre Gamification work?

Our own extensive experience of implementing Gamification into Call Centres has revealed some crucial insights that deserve closer scrutiny.

While Gamification works well under the right circumstances, all too often we have run into the same problems and challenges. To help you in your deliberations, below are some of the issues that we have witnessed first-hand and the resultant problems it can lead to.



Legacy infrastructure and data.

One of the biggest challenges is extracting the performance data from legacy telephony and contact management systems. Without accurate and timely feeds of this vital source of information, the gamified mechanics become worthless and agents will disengage in just a matter of days.


An ineffective feedback loop.

Many organisations believe that Gamification and leaderboards can be employed to act as a feedback mechanism, but that simply isn’t what they are designed for. One of the root causes of disengagement is when agents are given insufficient feedback on their performance and even less coaching on how they can improve.


Incentivising the wrong behaviours.

All too often Gamification leads to Call Centres incentivising the wrong behaviours. We’ve seen situations where managers use points to incentivise more case closures, only to generate more complaints from customers who didn’t get their query fully resolved at the first time of asking.

To sum up, without accurate and timely data, a genuine culture of improvement, and a focus on the right metrics and outcomes, Gamification simply becomes a fancy and expensive dashboard that doesn’t address the source of the problem and is doomed to fail.

Solving agent disengagement.

The good news is that you don’t need to implement an expensive Gamification solution in order to solve many of the causes of agent disengagement. The majority can be addressed by closing the feedback loop and introducing some straightforward, yet highly effective steps.



Reduce your reliance on efficiency metrics.

Obsessing with metrics such as Speed of Answer and Average Handling Time does little to inspire your agents and deliver a superior customer experience. Instead, focus on CSAT, NPS and FCR to help agents better understand the impact of their efforts on each customer interaction.


Coach & Develop your agents.

Communication is central to everything that we are striving to achieve. So how can agents learn and progress, if they aren’t receiving relevant, constructive feedback on their performance? By providing regular feedback and coaching, knowledge is more freely shared, best practices highlighted and performances improved across the board.


Improve your Quality Monitoring programme.

Forward-thinking Call Centres have recognised that a tick-box approach to Quality Monitoring no longer works, and is one of the key causes of agent disengagement. Instead use your scorecards and reporting to drive actionable insight and helpful feedback to the front-line.