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Engaged employees deliver a superior customer experience.

As the demands on your contact centre increase, so does the requirement to have a fully engaged workforce that can rise to meet these challenges. Whether it’s answering the phone, replying to an email or communicating through social media, it’s essential that employees are motivated, engaged, and feel fulfilled in their work.

Failure to keep your agents engaged has a huge impact on productivity and efficiency; leading to dissatisfaction, absenteeism and churn. Most importantly, unhappy agents have little or no interest in the happiness of your customers, with the resulting poor performance impacting directly on the customer experience.

When customer satisfaction drops, so does their loyalty to the organisation or brand as a whole; and all too often they simply walk away.

How Call Centre Gamification works.

Making agents work harder isn’t the solution. But treat every agent as a valued individual and reward them appropriately, and it motivates them, increases their productivity and helps deliver a superior customer experience.

Through the introduction of user-friendly dashboards, game mechanics, social interaction and material rewards, our Gamification solution injects an element of fun into every single working day.

It provides agents with countless opportunities to display their resourcefulness and initiative, while their resultant hard work is immediately acknowledged, both through material rewards and the acclaim of their colleagues.

Thanks to Gamification, motivating agents to resolve complex and sensitive queries that can make or break customer relationships, has never been so enjoyable or so rewarding.

Built specifically for the contact centre.

Created by experts with years of hands-on experience in the contact centre sector, our Gamification solution has been designed specifically to motivate customer service teams.



Improves employee engagement and the customer experience.


Adds an element of fun to the working day and motivates front-line staff.


Appeals to Millennials, a rapidly growing proportion of your workforce.


Creates a personalised view of operational performance for all staff.

Case Study: EvaluAgent Gamification

Discover how our Gamification solution delivered a 13% increase in productivity and helped differentiate a leading BPO.

Continually engage employees with points, badges and levels.

Our Gamification solution transforms everyday tasks into motivational targets and turns seemingly unsurmountable problems into opportunities to shine. By using proven game mechanics such as points, badges and levels, Gamification drives performance and maintains consistency across your teams. Whether it’s closing a case or meeting targets, you can define the outcomes that you want to encourage, and choose the rewards that best reflect their achievements.

Build a strong, dynamic community through social recognition and interaction.

Whenever agents attain badges, reach new levels, or win challenges, every accomplishment is immediately recognised. This creates a powerful culture of peer recognition that is proven to motivate and boost performance.

Encourage healthy competition.

Team leaders and agents can easily create challenges between colleagues, teams and departments. This healthy competition quickly cultivates an environment where best practice is shared and peer support occurs naturally and organically.

Transform the way you reward your agents.

Deploy incentives that really work, by empowering your agents to choose how they are rewarded through a points-based system. The result is the creation of a range of powerful and dynamic incentives that require minimum effort, but deliver maximum results.

Communicate clear, real-time performance data through personalised dashboards.

Give agents direct real-time access to their own performance data and they have a far better appreciation of how their behaviours and call-handling skills impact customers.

Which is why we created intuitive departmental and team-level dashboards that deliver actionable insight.

These help managers and team leaders to instantly identify the top and bottom performers, in order to direct praise, feedback and coaching interventions.

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Secure and Scaleable.

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