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Help contact centre agents own their performance.

Delivering an efficient and customer-focused service, becomes a near impossible task if your frontline staff are struggling to relate to performance metrics.

Our Performance Management solution automatically gathers and transforms operational data into easy-to-understand information that your teams can use to improve their performance.

Call centre dashboards that just work

Ditch the spreadsheets & confusing call centre reports


Automatic data integration.

Performance Management effortlessly gathers data from the existing systems in your contact centre, so you can retain historical information.


Easy-to-use dashboards that work.

Our intuitive dashboards provide information that’s accessible, timely and relevant to staff at every level of your organisation. So you can ditch your spreadsheets and the resulting confusing reports, for a up-to-date solution that really works.


Actionable insight.

Pinpoint the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your operation, so you can address them more effectively and drive improvement across the board.

Case Study: EvaluAgent

Discover how EvaluAgent helped a global BPO bring their data together and enable performance reviews to be delivered at the press of a button.

For contact centre managers.

An instant overview of business performance that you can act on.

Getting hold of data in the first place is a challenge in itself. Even if you clear this first hurdle, the sheer volume and range of information that managers have to deal with can be overwhelming.

Our Performance Management solution gathers and presents the most important contact centre metrics into one single place. This allows managers to delve far deeper and identify areas of performance that require attention.to deliver feedback faster and more effectively.

For team leaders.

Less time on spreadsheets, more time with your team.

Team leaders can spend hours in front of spreadsheets manually managing performance data, an outdated and inefficient process that few enjoy.

Our Performance Management solution automatically gathers and presents data so that team leaders can view and share useful insights with their people. They develop a far better understanding of performance and as a result can spend their time more effectively, such as coaching those agents who require the most support.

For agents.

An easy-to-understand view of performance that drives self-improvement.

Agents struggle to understand traditional operational metrics, often finding them confusing, irrelevant and inaccessible.

Performance Management employs Gamification and social media features to motivate agents by presenting them with data they can more easily relate to, and then actively use to improve their performance.

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Integrate with your existing technologies & vendors.


Reliable, cloud-based software.


24/7 Helpdesk and onsite support.


Secure and Scaleable.

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