With a robust risk-based approach in place, QA analysts, team leaders and coaches have more time to capture and share insight that your business will act on.

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  • Configure your scorecards

    Access our library of scorecards to help get you started or quickly replicate your existing scoring framework. It’s very rare for us to come across a way of scoring that can’t be modelled in EvaluAgent.

  • Generate actionable insight

    Add open-ended questions to evaluation forms to capture more insight and pinpoint the root cause of a low score. Unlike other platforms, data capture questions are reportable too.

  • Import historical QA data

    Easily import evaluations from legacy QA systems or spreadsheets to maintain records and ensure a smooth transition to EvaluAgent.

  • No more flicking between systems

    Save precious time by accessing all the information you need in one screen - no more flicking between systems to view tickets, emails and chat threads or listen to calls.

  • Empower agents to “own their actions”

    Help agents to recognise behaviours they need to improve with a self-evaluation mode that doesn’t impact your core results.

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Generate insight the business will act on

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Before EvaluAgent, keeping track of multiple quality-forms, evaluations and reporting using multiple spreadsheets, across multiple locations and languages was becoming overwhelming. Working with EvaluAgent has allowed us to configure our QA program exactly as we need it to work without any of the previous complexity.

Karine Teixera

Customer Service Manager at Digital Ventures