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Delivering the insights you need to deliver the experience your customers demand.

Far too many contact centres are still failing to implement the necessary technology to determine exactly what their customers think of their services or products. When asked why; they often cite concerns about the expense and potential disruption.

Which is why we developed a cost-effective Surveys solution that can be deployed quickly, without any technical expertise, or impact on your live operations.

EvaluAgent is quick to implement and packed with features.

Within weeks you will have an omni-channel feedback solution that allows you to gather the true voice of the customer, understand performance, and drive insight to power business improvements.

Gather feedback across every channel.

Customers interact with today’s contact centres in more ways than ever before. Whether it’s by phone, website, email or social media, no matter how your customers engage with you, our Surveys solution enables you to capture their feedback easily and efficiently.

Track CSAT, NPS, ASAT and more...

The list of metrics that you can monitor is almost endless. But unlike other solutions, our experts will help you choose the appropriate metrics, and work with you to create the questions you’ll need to ask.

We’ll even provide a personalised onboarding and rollout plan to get you started, and once implemented, our experts can be on hand to help you make the most of customer feedback and create quarterly insight reports.

See clear and immediate results from our easy-to-understand dashboards.

Our real-time and intuitive dashboards deliver a single version of the truth, instantly revealing opportunities and identifying problem areas through easy-to-understand reports.

Search feedback transcripts for specific keywords that are important to your organisation.

Our Survey solution intelligently analyses all customer verbatim feedback in order to provide you with insight into the most important elements of each interaction. You can also perform advanced searches for key phrases and queries to see all the feedback around a specific topic.

Choose from agent deployed or auto-deployed triggers.

With flexibility in mind you have the option for surveys to be agent deployed after an interaction has taken place, or auto-deployed depending on your processes and goals.

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Case Study: EvaluAgent Surveys

Discover how EvaluAgent helped capture the true Voice of the Customer with a 47% survey response rate and real time feedback.

With a voice of customer platform in place through our comprehensive Survey solution, you’ll now be in a position to:

Engage and recover customer relationships instantly.

All risks are immediately flagged, so that you can easily identify the areas where your organisation isn’t treating customers fairly and quickly make the necessary improvements.

Use feedback to dramatically improve coaching sessions.

Make the most of customer feedback and create a frontline that learns directly from your customers. Our Surveys solution integrates with your coaching sessions to ensure all conversations are focused around customer experience. Agents will value the feedback, and you’ll be able to focus on the areas that customers value most.

Present reliable insight that drives change and improvement.

Don’t just collect feedback, use it to empower your business with rich knowledge of existing performance and the ability to identify exactly where your customers want to see improvements.

Prove the fair treatment of all customers.

Easily demonstrate to any regulatory body that you’re going above and beyond the call of duty and are treating all your customers fairly. Equally importantly, you can now identify and resolve at risk relationships, before they escalate into official complaints.

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Integrate with your existing technologies & vendors.


Reliable, cloud-based software.


24/7 Helpdesk and onsite support.


Secure and Scaleable.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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