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Automate compliance checks and evaluate every call, chat and ticket against your own measures of success with the power of EvaluAgent and Artificial Intelligence combined.

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Evaluate the right conversations faster than before, with Conversation Analytics
Manual QA will never be as efficient as technology. With the helping hand of Artificial Intelligence, Conversation Analytics from EvaluAgent automatically transcribes, redacts and evaluates every call, email, live chat and ticket so you can automate compliance checks and prioritise deep-dives into the conversations worth evaluating.

Why should I use Conversation Analytics from EvaluAgent?

More conversations. Less Time. Better Insight.



Supercharge QA Productivity

  • Maximise efficiency and effectiveness with automated workflows and processes to ensure teams are evaluating the right conversations

  • Mitigate risk with automated compliance checks and process adherence within your Auto-QA scorecards.

  • Prioritise coaching and automatically enrol agents in training where compliance has not been followed or continuous under-performance has been identified

  • Reduce the sharing of sensitive data without losing context through advanced redaction.



Delight Customers

  • Measure the true voice of your customer, their experience with your business and the people and processes that contribute towards it. Stop relying on questionable survey results and low response rates.

  • Understand common customer frustrations and reasons for contact so you can focus on improvements that will have the biggest impact on demand reduction and First Contact Resolution.

  • Reveal unseen insights and share mentions of competitors, market trends and product feedback with other departments to better meet customer needs.



Sell More

  • Deliver data-backed coaching and personalised training sessions based on reality, not guesswork.

  • Track which agents and sales tactics are most successful in ensuring every sales opportunity is maximised.

  • Identify the reasons sales are won or lost to tailor product offerings, propositions and ideal customer profiles.

Powered by EvaluAgent’s Conversation Analytics

One Tool. Multiple Solutions.

Automate compliance checks, prioritise manual interventions and quickly identify training opportunities on every call, live chat and ticket with Automated Quality Assurance.

Build Automated Scorecards

  • Create advanced Auto-QA scorecards with pass rates/auto fails/ complex logic that can be applied across every channel.
  • Automate compliance checks, script adherence, and process adherence within your manual processes to shorten total evaluation time.
  • Easily edit and duplicate scorecards yourself as business needs and regulatory changes over time.




Use Auto-QA scores within your existing workflows

  • Find, prioritise and assign “extreme” conversations for evaluations to drastically reduce workload, manual effort and selection bias with advanced filters.
  • Highlight “complaints” in conversations with the search functionality and go even further by filtering to specific areas of complaints to understand the root-cause.
  • View auto-QA scores alongside manual results, feedback and customer survey scores for an exportable, 360-degree view of Agent Performance.



Test, iterate and learn within a controlled environment

  • Utilise our testing area to preview the impact of change without disputing front-line teams.
  • Use robust permissions and configurable workflows to avoid team leaders and Agents seeing any Auto-QA scores before you’re ready to display them.


Build your own or utilise pre-built themes & associated conversation topics to identify critical moments from every conversation, unlocking actionable insight to drive improvements and transformation across your business.

Customer Experience

  • Adapt scorecards, coach and train agents based on the true voice of your customer, what they view as important and their experience with your business.
  • Discover common criticisms and gain unrivalled visibility into the reasons why conversations are escalated
  • Prioritise policy and process improvements that are causing the biggest frustration for customers across their end-to-end journey.




Agent Behaviour

  • Highlight areas of customer and agent conversations where acknowledgement and signs of empathy are found.
  • Identify expectation setting, further assistance and customer agreement within conversations.
  • Understand which agents need more coaching or recognise outstanding performance.



Find the root-cause of unnecessary demand

  • Indicate failure drivers such as repeat contact from customers and progress chasing.
  • Uncover instances where broken promises occur or a customer hasn’t received a call back or follow up as discussed.
  • Reveal insight into how many calls or interactions could be deflected to self-service channels


Go live quickly with out-of-the-box integrations, advanced redaction and our expert-led customer success team.

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FAQs on Conversation Analytics

Conversation Analytics enables you to automate compliance checks and evaluate every call, chat and ticket against your own measures of success with the power of EvaluAgent and Artificial Intelligence combined. This rich source of actionable data can then be used to better understand the needs of your customers, evaluate the performance of Agents and prioritise training interventions based on 100% of your Contact Centre Conversations.

Conversation Analytics speeds up the evaluation process by automating compliance checks and prioritising extreme conversations for evaluation. Through the use of conversation search, topic builder and Auto-QA scorecards, 100% of your conversations can be evaluated against your own measures. As a result, businesses go from quality checking 5% of customer and agent conversations to 100% without the manual workload.

EvaluAgent’s redaction feature ensures you can remove sensitive or customer identifiable information (CII) from any transcription or call recording without losing context. This reduces risk, and ensures your business and IT teams are happy and compliant.

The transcription will be good enough to read and understand without listening to the audio, but no transcriptions service on the market is 100% accurate and it doesn’t need to be. There will be words and phrases that are specific to your organisation such as product names or brands that the system will not be able to recognise ‘out of the box’. There will also be certain speakers that are picked up more effectively than others. The impact of background noise will also mean that everyday words are randomly missed. All of these affect the accuracy, but many can be addressed over time as you tune both the transcription process and write better queries as we discuss in our popular blog: Why Transcription Accuracy Doesn’t Matter As Much As You May Think

Speech Analytics, also known as Conversation Analytics, is the process of analysing call recordings to gather customer insights and improve future interactions between your agents and customers. Pace, pitch, and sentiment, and the most common, words and phrases, are used to monitor levels of customer dissatisfaction or determine reasons for contact during calls. This rich source of insight can the be used to assess an Agents performance or provide valuable information to the business.

Utilising call recordings, Speech Analytics works by using Automated Speech Recognition Software (ASR) to transcribe call recordings into transcriptions which can be “mined” to produce actionable insight such as levels of questioning, common phrases, and displays of empathy by the agent or signs of customer distress.


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