Auto-QA every conversation

Automate compliance checks and evaluate every call, chat and ticket against your own measures of success with the power of EvaluAgent and Artificial Intelligence combined.

  • 100% Coverage

    Augment existing QA processes with thousands more evaluations automatically completed to prioritize coaching & training.

  • Monitor any contact channel

    Every conversation counts; whether it’s a call, email, live chat or ticket. Unlike the competition, we cover EVERY channel.

  • Make Analytics Actionable

    Our automated workflows operationalize your insights to ensure they are actionable and drive performance improvement.

  • Unlimited usage. One fixed price.

    Avoid unpredictable pricing models. Pay a fixed price, per user, per month.

Reach new levels of operational excellence with Auto-QA

Mitigate risk, reduce operating costs and deliver great customer experiences consistently with the power of AI.

Call Center Quality Assurance

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