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Transform Your Metrics into Actionable Insights with EvaluAgent's SmartView

Gain complete control and visibility of your QA and performance metrics with SmartView – your one-stop solution for centralizing all your data in one place. Track, monitor, and analyze your key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions with confidence

SmartView Custom Dashboards
  • Track, monitor, and achieve your goals

    Harness the power of customizable reporting to maximize the impact on your organization's people, processes, and services.

  • Uncover previously hidden insights

    Connect multiple data sources and create custom filters with quality scores to reveal previously missed insights and drivers of low QA scores.

  • collaborate

    Enable efficient Collaboration

    Share insights and performance across your organisations. Track productivity and consistency of your QA team as a well as agent performance.

  • Get the big picture at a glance

    No more digging through spreadsheets. Bring all your data together in one place, giving you complete visibility to analyze your QA & performance metrics effortlessly.

EvaluAgent Reporting

Empower teams to concentrate on the key metrics that are relevant to their goals, breaking down system barriers and enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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