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We’ve combined the latest developments in AI and machine learning to integrate ChatGPT into our market-leading QA & Improvement platform. SmartScore will accelerate the evaluation process and support your QA team without removing human oversight.

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  • Evaluate faster

    Evaluate ANY conversation in less than 10 seconds

  • One Click

    No lengthy implementation process, start using SmartScore with the click of a button.

  • Low cost

    Pay a fixed price per user and avoid unpredictable pricing models.

  • Augment

    Allow Evaluators to add more value with a focus on coaching & training.

Evaluate any conversation in seconds with just one press of the button with SmartScore from EvaluAgent

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With just a click of the button, SmartScore will summarise the conversation for greater insight, automate the scoring of line items and provide AI-powered coaching tips to supercharge agent improvement.

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What is Chat-GPT?

Developed by OpenAI and backed by Microsoft, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT is a chat interface which uses large language models (GPT3, 3.5 and now 4) to answer questions and generate content based on the questions (Prompts) that have been asked of it with relevant and coherent output and human-like accuracy. Used by the majority of users to complete simple tasks such as the generation of social media posts, businesses like EvaluAgent are now utilizing AI for specific use cases, such as; the summarization and evaluation of inbound customer contact.

Is Chat-GPT a free tool?

ChatGPT offers a free version of their tool however, it is only intended for research purposes and many users may not realize that by using the free version, users agree to allow researchers to access potentially sensitive data, For any commercial use of the technology, such as Contact Centre Quality Assurance, then a commercial agreement and ultimately payment is required.

Does Smart Score mean I no longer need a QA team?

No SmartScore is not a replacement for a QA Team. Instead, this tool was built to enhance the role of evaluators by enabling them to evaluate conversations more efficiently and accurately. Powered by ChatGPT, SmartScore allows evaluators to score conversations at the click of a button while still maintaining human oversight. Therefore, the tool augments the role of a QA team rather than a substitute for it.

How much does it cost?

EvaluAgent is thrilled to offer SmartScore, a game-changing auto-scoring technology for £10 per user/month.

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