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November 2019 Product Update

By Matthew Jones | 7 Nov 2019
Automated Work Queues & Custom Reporting Groups  
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The Art of Customer Recovery: What is it and why should we all be doing it?

By SJ Thompson | 24 Oct 2019
Looking to make a big difference to Customer Experience? Start with Customer Recovery.  Watch this webinar as we invite customer survey specialist Guy Letts, CEO of CustomerSure to share with us how best to collect customer feedback and more...
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Fighting the enemies of great customer service

By SJ Thompson | 26 Sep 2019
Each of us are on our own journey to great customer service, but will undoubtedly be facing similar challenges, pain points and enemies trying to get in the way.
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How To Make The Most Of Your Quality Assurance Data

By Reg Dutton | 4 Jul 2019
Feeling like your QA programme is becoming a tickbox exercise? Or are you wanting to take your QA to the next level?
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How To Evaluate and Improve Your Live Chat Channel

By Matthew Jones | 19 Jun 2019
The ICMI has suggested that 53% of customers would prefer to use Live Chat before calling a company for support. It's a channel of growing importance, yet many Contact Centres struggle to offer a great Live Chat experience.
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How to give effective feedback

By Matthew Jones | 30 May 2019
A recent survey suggested 65% of employees want more feedback from their manager...but, many managers shy away from it; whether that be through lack of confidence, feeling they are wasting their breath, or through fear of the reaction. It's one...
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The Future of Quality Assurance

By Matthew Jones | 21 Mar 2019
As advanced technologies become commonplace, what will the impact of Speech Analytics, Chatbots and AI on Quality Assurance teams actually be? In this live webinar, we'll be joined by CX and Analytics expert, Keir Woolhouse, to discuss the future...
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6 Common Challenges with Calibration and how to overcome them

By Reg Dutton | 20 Mar 2019
Subject matter expert and all-around Calibration guru, Reg Dutton is going to look at Calibration. Originally named, 'The Six Common Challenges with Calibration and how to overcome them' - please enjoy the recording.
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How to build a great quality scorecard

By Matthew Jones | 12 Dec 2018
Quality Scorecards are used in a lot of contact centres, but they often fail to emulate best practice, ending up as a box-ticking exercise that does little to drive performance improvement and L&D. In this webinar, Dianne Moralee will be sharing...
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Agent engagement in action

By Matthew Jones | 30 Nov 2018
Agent engagement is so powerful, yet often overlooked when it comes to Quality. Whether it’s been the struggles of using spreadsheets or pen and paper feedback, it’s been difficult to truly engage agents in your quality process. That is, until...
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