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Take your CX to the next level.


Eliminate outdated practices, such as spreadsheets and whiteboards


Put an end to ugly, outdated and expensive legacy software that often require expensive add-ons to make it fit for purpose


Say goodbye to the failures of Workforce Optimisation and the resultant agent disengagement, low levels of motivation, absenteeism and churn


Workforce Engagement Management is rapidly determining the future direction of the sector; not just with regard to delivering a superior CX, but also to ensure the very survival of your contact centre.

Such is its importance, that Gartner predicts by 2020 elevating employee engagement will become a key differentiator in over 20% of contact centres, up from less than 2% in 2015.*

As a direct result our WEM platform was born.


The Beginner's Guide to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

Workforce Engagement Management has become one of the hottest topics on the agenda for contact centres seeking to deliver a superior customer experience (CX).

However, it is still a relatively new concept within our industry. So in order to help you navigate the ins and outs of Workforce Engagement Management, we have compiled the 2017 beginner's guide, which covers everything you need to know.

The science behind our thinking.

Think of our WEM platform as the glue that not only connects and supports all our software solutions, but also unites and engages your people; from operational managers to quality auditors, team leaders to front-line agents.

In order to achieve our goal, we drew upon the very latest psychological techniques to introduce a new way to motivate and inspire; a model that revolves around three elements: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.


People want more control so that they can direct their own lives.


People are driven to get better at something that matters to them.


People are eager to direct their efforts in the service of something larger than themselves.

How our WEM platform operates.

Our WEM platform has been designed to collect both internal and external data across all interactions, and then provide your entire workforce with access to timely, relevant and actionable information.

By connecting a range of software solutions, it will dramatically increase your ability to capture service feedback, support agent action and deliver an even better CX.


One of the many benefits of our WEM platform is that it offers you total flexibility. Depending on the needs of your organisation, the modular design of our WEM platform allows you to select from a single software solution, right through to the complete package.

With the future in mind, you can easily add on further solutions as your requirements change; steadily building up a comprehensive portfolio to drive employee engagement and answer the growing demands of your contact centre




Workforce Management

The system enables (and approves) an agent to self-select work patterns or shifts and swap with colleagues, without management approval.


Team Communications

Bring all your team communications together into a single place, with the benefits of real-time messaging, archiving and search functionality.


Performance Management

Designed to show performance in real time, our dashboards can display a range of metrics, (e.g. Customer Satisfaction, Quality, AHT, FCR), then reveal the relevant insights quickly and easily.




An invaluable source of relevant courses is available online and can be updated at any given time. On completion, the learner can generate points to further reward and motivate.


Knowledge Management

A wiki-style resource provides access to a wide variety of publications, documenting the areas such as best practice models, the latest business processes and a wide range of ‘how to’ guides.



Our WEM platform enables you to gather together the feedback from multiple sources, and then schedule sessions for coaching based on identified areas for improvement.




Gamification provides agents with countless opportunities to display their resourcefulness and initiative, and has been proven to motivate them to resolve complex and sensitive queries that can make or break customer relationships.


CX Insight

Our WEM platform also gives you access to insight and detailed feedback from customer interactions. Experienced support managers can help leverage this data to create bespoke recommendations.



Business Data

Provides you with the ability to integrate data from other systems into our platform, in order to display data in the dashboard and to generate points for Gamification.


Voice of the employee

Engage employees and drive momentum for positive change using monthly, biweekly, weekly or continuous micro-surveys.


Quality Monitoring

Provides a single, detailed and accurate view of agent performance across every channel. It allows you to identify opportunities for improvement, and coach agents with both customer and compliance in mind.




Our multi-channel customer survey and analytics platform allows you to generate actionable insight across every contact channel.


First Contact Resolution

To add to our platform’s functionality, you also have the potential to use FCR data as an entry into Gamification. This enables you to award points and increase motivation in order to improve the performance of this important metric.

Getting started...

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