Workforce Engagement Management (WEM): the contact centre operating system of the future.

Over the last decade, in the desire to streamline performance and improve agent productivity, a number of contact centres have turned increasingly to efficiency metrics, self-service and “AI” under the banner of Workforce Optimisation. And in cases of simple tasks such as submitting their meter reading, and checking their bank balance, it worked..

However as customer expectations rise and the complexity of interactions increase, savvy contact centre managers are recognising that Workforce Optimisation is rapidly failing. Its damaging the customer experience, and it’s relentless focus on efficiency and outdated performance metrics are leading to an all-time low in agent engagement. 

It’s as if, a small number have forgot the very nature of contact centre work is to interact with customers: listen, sympathise, empathise, pacify, direct, guide, explain.

All of these human interactions require creative and empathic thinking, and it’s a requirement that cannot be fulfilled by automation, or chatbots.

Over the coming years, our industry is going to experience a radical shift in customer expectations. In recent times, the practice of Workforce Engagement Management has become the hottest topic among operational leaders seeking to deliver a superior customer service, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Gartner predicts employee engagement will soon become a key differentiator in over 20% of contact centres, up from less than 2% in 2015.

In fact Workforce Engagement Management is also being championed by Forbes, Xerox, Gallup, AON Hewitt and Accenture as the solution to the crises we’re facing.

Gallup have said:

"Departments above the top quartile in employee engagement, outperformed departments below the bottom quartile by 10% on customer ratings, 22% in profitability and 21% in productivity."

Gartner suggest:

"By 2020, elevating employee engagement will become a key differentiator in over 20% of contact centres, up from less than 2% in 2015."

Aon Hewitt state:

"Global employee engagement trends report based on over 1,000 organizations around the world and reiterated its prior claim that a 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth."

The Beginner's Guide to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

Workforce Engagement Management has become one of the hottest topics on the agenda for contact centres seeking to deliver a superior customer experience (CX).

However, it is still a relatively new concept within our industry. So in order to help you navigate the ins and outs of Workforce Engagement Management, we have compiled the 2017 beginner's guide, which covers everything you need to know.

At EvaluAgent™ our vision is clear, and our roadmap is open

We have a very clear vision. Put simply, it is to make contact centres home to great customer experience.

To turn these values into action, we are building The World’s First Workforce Engagement Management Platform; starting with the very best call centre quality monitoring software.

A complete platform that supports the very latest operational and motivational tools designed to nurture a new generation of agent; engaged, informed, enthused and capable of delivering a superior customer experience in this new age.




The science behind our thinking.

Think of our WEM platform as the glue that not only connects and supports all our software solutions, but also unites and engages your people; from operational managers to quality auditors, team leaders to front-line agents.

In order to achieve our goal, we drew upon the very latest psychological techniques to introduce a new way to motivate and inspire; a model that revolves around three elements: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.


People want more control so that they can direct their own lives.


People are driven to get better at something that matters to them.


People are eager to direct their efforts in the service of something larger than themselves.

How our WEM Platform operates

Core to our WEM platform is the belief that operational leaders should be able to operate your contact centre; all from one place. That’s why, all of our functions and features work together to join the dots to drive employee engagement and empower your contact centre to deliver a superior customer experience.


Workforce Management

Collaborative Communications

Performance View




Feedback & Coaching




Performance Impact


Voice of Employee

First Contact Resolution


Business Data

Getting started...

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